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Today, is there anyone special you want to thank on fluther?

Asked by gailcalled (54639points) February 14th, 2008

I have had extraordinary tips and hints about dealing w. mild autism in a two-yr old buddy, from a fellow flutherer. Thank you, sndfreq, from me and my family.

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I’d like to thank anyone and everyone that have taken the time to answer any questions I’ve asked. Thanks to all!

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I’d like to thank you, gailcalled, for your consistently even and supportive outlook.

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I too, would like to thank gailcalled for her direct answers, helpful hints, cute quips, and support. Also, hossman for his insightful answers that really got me thinking. Lastly, gooch for giving me extensive “insider view” on becoming a firefighter (a profession I have been considering).

And of course, Ben and Andrew for creating this site!!

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Thanks, guys. I have a huge list of flutherers who inform, amuse, challenge and shake me out of my complacency, but sndfreq gave my family something unique and special. And I should add, ironically, I have been flamed badly only once online (here in a private comment). It was masterfully vitriolic…a model of overkill.

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Gail-I am both humbled and honored by your gratitude and thoughts-and am grateful for your friendship.

It almost goes without saying that there are many special people here who inspire, teach, support and offer camaraderie to others in the true spirit of community-to all who contribute their wisdom, positivity, and friendship, I give my thanks.

Thank you Andrew, Ben, Erik and the rest of the design/support team at Fluther. You have created and fostered an environment that supports community, knowledge sharing and friendships-what a special ‘place’ this is :) Cheers

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I would like to thank gailcalled for asking this question and all of the special answerers for their personal and positive remarks; and thanks for the opportunity to acknowledge the fine people that Fluther draws to its site!

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Yes, yes and yes.
I especially like to read what Gailcalled writes because she’s such a language stickler, as well as such a fund of good judgment coupled with kindness. I always read what hossman says carefully, and as a result of doing so I have purchased an utterly fabulous piece of kitchen equipment I’d never have heard of otherwise. This is not even his area of principal expertise, but I trust him in every way. I also love christybird’s clear, fair-minded, friendly treatises.
We are cool.

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