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What happens when you "loose your voice"?

Asked by simone54 (7581points) November 19th, 2009

I was at football game this week, screaming a lot to support my team. As expected my I lost my voice. What is psychically happening here? What kind of damage did I do? Did I damage the protective layer of my vocal ligaments?

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No permanent damage. Your body normally sets a limit. But people can permanently damage their hearing (because of loud music for example).

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I’ll let you know in a week (can’t talk right now, sore throat), wait this is text..

Your vocal cords are strained (overworked?) and are swelling up, in your case because you yelled too much, in my case because of a cold (bacteria or virus). Since it’s such a tight fit the vocal cords irritate each other when they vibrate. You’re voice get’s altered because the air that passes through is obstructed and forced to find another way out (if it finds one at all). For instance, I can’t reach high notes right now (the sound just doesn’t come out), probably because the part of the vocal cords that air passes through when trying to reach high notes is obstructed by a swelling.

Once the swelling of your vocal cords go down you’ll sound like you again. Which in my case is nothing to look forward to, I sound like Fran Drescher. Needless to say I prefer my new Barry White voice.

Google for Dysphonia and Laryngitis articles for more info.

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I had laryngitis two times in two years. My voice never quite came back right. Sometimes it just goes out for no reason while I am talking and I can’t make any noise for a copule seconds. Its mildly frustrating. I’m assuming what I had was different than losing your voice from yelling at a game.

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If you loose your voice it will tnen be free to frolic in nature and run barefoot on the beach celebrating the joy of it’s newfound freedom.

If you lose your voice, well that’s a different situation altogether.


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Once you “loose” it, I’ve heard it’s never the same again. I would try to do some exercise to tighten it back up again ;)

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Hello, I am an Audiologist, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and I work in an Ear, Nose and Throat practice.

Vocal abuse for one day causes inflammation to the vocal cords, as others have said. Repeated vocal abuse, such as cheerleaders or others who do a lot of singing or hollering, can cause long-term or even permanent damage (contrary to what @MattBrowne has said) because nodules (which are essentially like callouses) will build-up on the vocal cords.

Vocal rest – avoid talking, and even whispering – will help it recover more quickly.

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@Buttonstc You can’t have a typo when you make fun of my typo.

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