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What do you do differently when you're alone?

Asked by alterego (126points) February 14th, 2008

For example, when I’m alone, I take great pleasure in not covering my nose and mouth when I sneeze.

What are some interesting things that you do when no one else is around?

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i fart. . .

a lot.

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When doing things that require thought or making plans I usually talk to myself. Don’t really know why but it helps me think clearer.

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I’m a nose picker. No offense uberbatman, but I always feel crazy when I talk to myself outloud. Alone or not. Haha.

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Randy none taken as I often question myself(occasionally out load) if this habit is absolutely insane and im a mad man or if this is rather normal and no one ever mentions it in fear of being called crazy.

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I talk to myself, too.

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I do quite a bit, like talking to myself, singing, turning on indie music and dancing around to it. Overall I’m much more productive with the important things in my life that need to get done (studying, reading, homework, ect). But I love how I have space to just relax, be “free”, and just enjoy myself in my own time.

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I have singing party. :-P

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talk and eat

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Newscasts of what is happening around me or current events in my life. Especially when i am driving :).

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i talk to myself MORE around other people out loud. they think i am crazy. i just tell them the smartest people in the world talk to themselves out loud. case closed.

i do so many naughty/hilarious/disgusting things alone i am blushing at the thought…

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Watch movies no one else is interested in (thanks netflix)
Eat potato chips with sour cream & onion dip

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