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How do I wash red pants that have never been washed before without their color running?

Asked by Chambz (30points) November 19th, 2009

What’s the best way to keep new red pants’ color from bleeding onto other clothes,besides washing separate, or is that the best?

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Washing separate. Safest way to go.

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I’d wash separate the first time or two, for safety’s sake.
Also, use something that’s good with colors, like Tide powdered detergent.
and turn them inside out when you wash them. it’ll help save the color a bit.

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Soaking them overnight in a vinegar solution sets the color and prevents as great a degree of color loss for the garment’s life. I’m not sure of the proportion of vinegar to water for the soak but i’m sure it can be found somewhere online.

However, this will not prevent color bleed for the first several wash cycles. The first wash should be in cold only and washed seperately.

After that, I would suggest washing with other clothing where a little bit of color leeching is not a problem (such as other red items or old towels, sweatpants, or grubby clothes worn for dirty jobs, etc.)

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I would wash them alone or with some towels or something

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For the pre wash soak use ½ cup vinegar to a half gallon of water.

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Red clothes bleed the most of any other color. I usually separate into three loads – dark, light, and red. If I don’t have enough quarters (damn you, coin op laundry!) I do reds with darks, make sure it’s on cold, and also make sure there’s nothing in there that would be harmed by the potential for a tinge of red. After a few washes you’re pretty safe, but I would never wash red pants (even after months of washing) with anything that is pure white, even on cold.

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Cold water! Always wash them in cold water.

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I have a couple of red T-shirts. They are a few years old. Every now and then they will burp red color on the rest of my clothing.

I hate those friggin shirts! But, they are cool. :-)

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Wash them in warm or cold water with other brights.

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Wash them in the bathtub with cold water and Woolite.

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Red pants? Seriously?

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take them to the cleaners and let them deal with it. heh heh heh

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I have to second the vinegar soak, then cold water wash, separate. I always wash all red things together.

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Vinegar, cold, separately.

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I wash these clothes in cold water with other like colors and I include a Shout Color Catcher.

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