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What's a practical gift (or two) that you would like for Christmas?

Asked by evegrimm (3707points) November 19th, 2009

I’m interested to see what sorts of things Fluther would like for Christmas, both to see what “practical” connotes to you and also to get some ideas for myself—my family will insist on getting me gifts, even though I don’t want anything (or rather, nothing they can get me, technologically inept group that they are).

Here are some ideas I’ve had:
—a rice cooker
—immersion blender (I got this for my birthday and love it)
—a toaster

What are some of your practical gift ideas for Christmas?

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A blank check.

A maid.

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whats an immersion blender

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tuition and book money.

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My mom likes to give me plane tickets, which is seriously the best gift EVER.

@trailsillustrated This is an immersion blender, they are amazing.

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A pretty oil & vinegar pouring device. A 4-cup coffee maker. A yoga mat.

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<—————————-very pedestrian cook- what do they do?

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I always ask for (and for some reason never get) one of those super lightweight and hard case carry on size luggage.
Some otherwise- portable hard drive, portable Ipod charger, giftcards. a good alarm clock.

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@trailsillustrated, if you make soups (like gazpacho, especially, or homemade tomato), an immersion blender can be used to regulate the consistency of the soup without having to dump it all in a blender. Also, your blender will not explode and burn your arm if you use an immersion blender. (Ask me how I know.)

Immersion blenders also make the best consistency of salsa. Just sayin’.

The only thing that immersion blenders aren’t good for, or so I’m told, is to blend up ice. I have no idea why this is, but you can make yummy smoothies anyway without that. (Ice cream, frozen yogurt, and slightly defrosted frozen fruit are all good replacements.)

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always camera lenses

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Warm fuzzy slippers, especially now in the cold weather. :D

I’ve also heard of this solar-powered charger that you can hook up to pretty much anything, which would be an awesome gift.

One of those nice umbrellas with flaps to keep it from turning inside out is also a surprisingly great gift.

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I want an immersion blender! and some nice filson luggage. @evegrimm thankyou now I have some ideas for somethng other than my roadhouse cooking.

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Socks. I can never get enough socks. I ask for them every Christmas.

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I would like the Lost season 5 dvd set, and some good books.

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Navy blue socks
Olive green socks
Clothes steamer
One of those stick-on lights for my closet

…and driving lessons

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A blackberry

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New socks, a new shower curtain rod, new curtains for my bedroom, a better night light for my bedroom, and a 13” Mac Book Pro already been confirmed ;)

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I’d love one of those cordless circular saws, that’d be great. Pretty much any cordless power tool that I don’t already have would work for me. A new cell phone would be nice, too, since the one I have is getting pretty beat up. Still works, it just looks like some kids used it to play ‘Kick the Can.’

As for inept people buying you gifts, I solved that one. I put the word out that if anyone wants to get me something as a gift this year (especially those that can’t afford power tools or doesn’t know one end of a drill bit from the other), they can buy me jazz CDs. I love all sorts of jazz, and who knows, maybe they’ll introduce me to something I don’t have yet.

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Some closet shelving.

Psychedelic_Zebra's avatar

@RocketSquid get me that circular saw, and I’ll build you some!

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I’d like a new set of pots and pans. And some cash money!

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- Oil paints in the basic colors (white, yellow ochre, alizarin, etc.)

I’m nursing my sample tubes and hand-me-downs as long as possible, but they just can’t cover more than 8 square feet!

- I second the call for book money!
– loose leaf tea in bulk

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Aluminum canteen

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A decorative watering can to use indoors.
White serving bowls- good size for mashed taters
Folding step stool

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@aprilsimnel That would be just fine. I’m sure it would fit perfectly!

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gift certificate to a tailor shop clothes sitting in my closet because I haven’t had them altered yet

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new set of frying pans

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A thermal blanket for our bed.
A new bible with the word of Christ in red.

I’d like a box of money too if there’s enough to go around. I’d even share mine!

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An electric blanket
Snapfish gift certificates
A handheld steam cleaner
A red chair & a ½ with ottoman I saw in a consignment shop

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I’ve told my entire family that the only thing I really want for Christmas is tons of scrapbooking items. Albums, insert sheets, stickers, markers, glitter, etc.

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This is a great question, I keep getting reminded of things that I should ask for for Christmas!

Electric blanket!!! That would make life so much better…

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Here’s a great idea for those on the gifting end.

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I need a can opener and a corkscrew. Not very exciting but definately practical as it’s amazing how much stuff you forget about when you move out of the parents house for the first time.

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Rugs! The house we bought this summer has lovely hardwood floors, and we’ve never lived anywhere that wasn’t carpeted, so we have no floor coverings at all. Now that it’s getting cold outside, we could really use some rugs to keep our toes from getting freezy on the cold floors. Rugs are so expensive, though – I’m asking my whole family to contribute to our Rug Fund for my Christmas presents!

A coffee table would be nice too, but one thing at a time…

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I want those kind of hangers that have a fuzzy texture on them so shirts or sweaters don’t fall off, or a whole new set of storage containers for leftovers that have the locking kind of lid. Then I can throw away all the mismatched ones, the stained ones, the ‘little bit melted on the inside’ ones, etc. Kind of boring, but it is practical.

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I’ve asked for a rice steamer this year! I always thought it was something I don’t need so since I don’t need anything…..

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I’m getting the droid, and possibly new headphones

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Massage gift certificate.

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some canvas and a new set of charcoal

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I only want one thing for this Christmas and it covers all coming Christmases

A law banning Displaying anything Christmas oriented until December 1st

that would be great

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My husband got me a Jiffy steamer a couple of years ago for my birthday after some well placed hints, and it’s hard to imagine doing without now. I more-or-less stopped ironing years ago, but now you can’t tell, because the wrinkles steam away so nicely. Be careful of cheap imitations, some of them spit on the clothes and are more trouble than they’re worth.

In the stocking stuffer category, I’m always happy to get natural lip balms. And socks. And chocolate

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I am currently campaigning for a Shopsmith, although I have never used one myself. I need the drill press and the table saw and don’t have room for the bonus lathe. I may be wrong and they could suck. reviews are either super good or super bad.

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@ItalianPrincess1217: I know where you can get those pretty cheap: dollar stores. Not that someone else couldn’t get it for you however :)

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A new set of very thirsty towels and a big, soft, terry (not plush)bathrobe.
A new clothes washer and dryer
Some recessed lights installed in my family room.

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I want an ipod! I haven’t had one,ever! I’m dying to get one! I hope I do.I also want a turtle.:) They are sooo cool! :D

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I can’t get enough of gift certificates. I know they’re impersonal but, being a student, getting gift certificates from grocery stores, restaurants or clothing stores always helps a whole lot.

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To me, practical and inexpensive aren’t necessarily the same so here’s my list:

Acupuncture visit
Car repair
Plush bathrobe

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A new furnace.
Did I mention an iPod?
Oh, yeah, and an iPod.

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A new espresso machine, a sandwich press, garden speakers

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I have my first kitchen. Any utensils/cookbooks and stuff are much appreciated.

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A DVD player. Mine died. :(

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Macbook, skins series 3, clothes ( as alllways)

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@irocktheworld How is a turtle practical???

Skippy's avatar

@avvooooooo – are you sure you didn’t pound it with a hammer to break it? :)

Beta_Orionis's avatar

ooh, ooh! A real mattress. not that several hundred dollar gifts are exactly small or practical. :(

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@Skippy No… It got zapped with the power and the lightning and the BZZZZZZZ!

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Just thought of one last thing..(ok, now I want 3 practical things)

I leave home in the dark for work, come home after dark and realized this morning that my Flag has some rips in it.

A new American Flag, made in America!

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I just remembered another thing i want. Chargers season tickets.

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Ohh, I need eyeglasses too. I’ve had the same pair for I believe 4 years. Might not seem like a long time, but they are crooked and I’ve tried getting them repaired multiple times and no one can fix them :( I’ve been on a search for cute glasses for a while!

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@avvooooooo I get worried about buying them online. I want to be able to try a million pairs on, because it’s something I’ll have to wear so much.

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@casheroo What I’m doing is going and trying on a lot and then going online and finding ones that are quite similar but way, way cheaper. They refund half your money if you just don’t like them (they’re custom, so you don’t get it all back) so even if you ordered and returned many pairs you still might not add up to a pair at your eye doctor’s. Haven’t ordered yet because my vision is SO BAD that I need to wear contacts (read -8 contacts) most of the time, but I’m looking hard for a new pair.

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A 1959 Chevy Impala would put on smile on my face for a very loooooong tiiiiime!!:)So would a 1932 Cord.No,*that*would give me a heart!
Practiical would be a key ring :)

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If you travel, a nice easy to maneuver wheeled piece of luggage with an easily collapsible handle.

If you like music, a gift certificate for itunes.

If you like to cook, a gift certificate to your favorite cooking magazine. Or a good slicing mandoline.

If you go to a lot of family potlucks or holiday parties, a large sized, collapsible cooler for transporting your dishes, plus several big covered tupperware containers (bowls and dessert pan styles) or one of those big thermos style containers with a thermal cover around the outside and a handle for easy carrying. These are great for chili or stew. I’ve also been coveting a three bowl crock pot- like device that you use for parties to keep 3 different kinds of food warm at the same time. I’ve seen them at Big Lots and Costco. You can see an example of this nifty item here

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I am so glad you asked this. Everyone always ask me what I want and I never know but a gift idea just popped in my head. A really nice bain marie or bano de maria, would be great. I always wanted one but since I make my own stuff work than I never see a reason to buy one. Especially since I only need it for one receipe I make maybe twice a year. But it would be nice if someone bought it as a gift.
Same for a really nice crock pot.

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Some long undies and thick socks! Gotta stay toasty all winter!

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