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Keynote themes come up blank...

Asked by Supergirl (1676points) November 19th, 2009

I have installed, and now reinstalled iWork ‘08. When I open Keynote and add a theme, it is blank, and I can’t type inside it. I use Snow Leopard on a MacBook. Any ideas??

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Are you choosing the plain white theme?

Also, Keynote isn’t like Pages, where you just start typing. You need to add a text box, then type inside that text box.

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This happened to me a while ago. If i understand you correctly the text comes up all white and the background too? Try typing something then press Command + A and see if you can see the text. I just reinstalled it and it seemed to work.

Before reinstalling try rebooting the computer and see if that works.

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@Creative Yes, background and font are white. Did Apple+A and font shows up, no mater what color I choose it is a very light blue. I have reinstalled it twice, but will reboot and then reinstall.

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@Supergirl Yes this happened to me with iWork .08 after i installed Snow Leopard on my Macbook. Hmm, you could try downloading the trial off the Apple Website and entering the serial code that came with your iWork copy instead of installing with a CD. I think that’s how I resolved the problem. Still not working just tell me.

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