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What's your proudest moment in a game?

Asked by RocketSquid (3483points) November 19th, 2009

Pull off an amazing bluff in a high-stakes game of poker? Completely turn around a game of Risk? Utterly crush your opponents and become king of the server in a first person shooter? What’s your proudest moment in a game, be it board, video or sport?

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When I avoided getting hit with your rocket in Final Doom because I accidentally walked into the exit of the level.

The rocket froze because the level was over, and anouther split second I would have been dead.

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@mowens I remember the rocket took up your entire screen. Jerk.

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One weekend I went through the whole game of Quake II. Man, was that fun.

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In Halo PC I’m usually the ‘king of the server’ / ‘utterly crushing y opponents’ so it’s not something I’m proud of. In matches, however, I have done some cool things. Maybe I will upload clips later from my other computer.

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Beating Minesweeper on medium was quite a daunting task.

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15, junior varsity footy in high school, left wing, near the end of the 2nd half, got a goal in with 2 minutes to spare!

Gosh, was I ever that good once?

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the day I finally beat Katamari Damacy. Sounds easy enough if you’ve played the game, but it’s the time limitations that really get you.

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I have 2, One I was playing total annihilation with a few friends and I managed to nuke the entire army of my friend who had been building it up for like an hour. He then went into a fit of rage threw his keyboard and never played TA again.

The other was playing starcraft, It was an 8 way match, and we were down to the last 2 players and no resources were left on the map. I only had a couple dozen zerglings and some defilers. Well my friend had all these expensive Terran units and he did a drop on my base. Well I dark swarmed him, sent in my zerglings and destroyed all his units and only lost a few of mine, A crushing defeat for my friend winning me the game.

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when i beat a hard boss after a battle where my unions died alot and had to be constantly revived

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First year wrestling, I won league tournament….that is something I will never forget. I wrestled everyone who placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. I had the toughest path to winning.

Once while playing a friend in Starcraft, I had conceded and declared GG, my base was destroyed, but close to an hour later, after micro managing raid tactics on my opponent, and taking some elevated terrain, I kept him in shortage of Vespene gas in order to get to the elevated terrain. The match should have been over after 15 minutes, but I held in there, and finally came back to win…it was EPIC.

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When I beat @Sarcasm at Battleship. I won twice I think… out of about seven games.


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I don’t think I ever fully completed Chip’s Challenge, but everytime I beat a level it feels great!

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I was playing SSBM against a friend of my in our own personal tournament, final round. I was Falco and he was Jigglypuff. It was an intensely even match, and it came down to the sudden death round. As the bell rang, we both rushed and met in the middle with colliding attacks. We were sent flying in opposite directions at ridiculous speeds, but he left the stage a mili-second before I did.

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When I actually win for a change.

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@Allie Yeah, I think it was 2 out of 7.
@LKidKyle1985 Good god, Total Annihilation. I haven’t played that in so long. That game was awesome.

I have so many great moments in games.
I’d say my proudest was in Dawn of War, at a LAN, we were doing 3v3, but by this point one of my allies had been killed. The other ally (the one who was still alive) was essentially the buffer zone to my base. I had a few cultist squads, plus Daemon Prince and Bloodthirster ready on an empty side of the map.
The enemies were coming into our base all together. I sent my Daemon Prince, Bloodthirster and cultists in to attack their bases. Then I summoned in 7 Horror squads. Won the game.

If there were chicks there, I totally would’ve scored.

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Me and a close friend pitted against each other in Street Fighter, after losing my 40th match, I realize I might not be as good as I think I am. 18 matches later (nr 58 in a row), I finally won a match. Winning that 1 game was more satisfying for me than winning 58 games in a row could have been for him.

He might have just wanted me to go home :)

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When I was playing a three handed game of Spades and bid 3, took 9 books and set the other two I was playing with. It was pretty funny because they both got so mad about it. They called me a cheating sandbagger and other choice things. Spades games get pretty lively around here

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Getting the last chair in musical chairs in kindergarten. That candy bracelet I won didn’t last very long.

Also, any time I beat my husband at Trivial Pursuit. He’s very intelligent, so it really boosts my ego when I win.

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Waterpolo. I was 12.
We were the weakest team in the entire tournament. We lost all the games before that afternoon. The last game of the tournament was us against the 1st. The team in 2nd place played the day before, and won, sitting temporally in 1st place. The team we were facing just needede to smash us (as all the other teams did) winning the game and the championship.

We scored at the very last second, the match finished 4–4, they lost the championship. We made our first point in the small history of the club.

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I’ve never had a proud moment in an athletic game – “duck and cover” was more my style. But when my older son, not a specially great athlete either, hit a double with bases loaded to win a Little League game when he was about 11, I finally got what the thrill of sport was all about! It was a real high, followed by many others but they were more of a personal, academic nature.

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When I beat my father at pool; he’s a pool shark and it felt awesome to win. (I was 16…took yeeeeears.)

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If we’re talking video games, well, I’ve had plenty; one that was particularly satisfying was when, in CoD2 online, I took out three guys armed with SMGs, all firing at me in an open field from less than 15 feet away, using a bolt action rifle. Yes, they clearly sucked enormous balls, but I still had to be a tricky bastard with my evasive maneuvers. I also was rather satisfied when I got my career kill/death ratio on Cod4 up above 2.

The only athletic game I play is badminton; despite not having any actual training (my former high school only has a girls team) I was able to easily beat anyone on that team. That was gratifying (I still couldn’t join the team though, even if I wore the miniskirt).

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Shutting it off and going to bed.

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When I was 10, I played a 4-hour game of Monopoly with a group of friends and relatives all 40+. I schooled them all.

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I had a game of Monopoly almost break into a fist fight.

One of my friends is a Lawyer, and I learned that you never EVER play Monopoly with a lawyer. He was reading the rules and using words I didn’t understand. It was scary.

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Playing doctor with a neighbor girl, I came in my pants when I was only eleven. (Actually, I was twenty three, and the ejaculation occurred during the dinner portion of a dinner date—I changed the details to fit the game motif).

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when, at the end of the game, the goalkeeper of the other team ran to me and hit me in the face… I stood up, bleeding, and did not fight back (although, my team mates fought back for me) the referee passed the memo and a re-match was forced, in the re-match we won (the goalkeeper and two defenders were suspended for the re-match)

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I school @LKidKyle1985 at Supreme Commander (the next step from Total Annihilation)....and well pretty much any RTS for that matter.

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Beating Super Mario Galaxy was amazing! And I mean completely beating it…


With Mario and Luigi and finishing the final secret level.

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Playing halo online on the blood gulch map, got stuck about 13 times, (I think, not entirely sure) was being chased by blue team, ran through a teleporter, dropped the plasma grenades off at the entry point of the teleporter, killed everyone on the other team and won the match.

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@Jayne, Oh I remember the good ol days of CoD2 online. My first real online experience. Do you remember what you killed them with? The Enfield was a personal favorite of mine. I’ve been a CoD addict ever since CoD2 but now I play on my xbox. I’m working my K:D on MW2 right now, I’m sitting at 1.43.

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When I beat the Wisconsin State Monopoly Champion.
he was shocked and immediately began screaming he wanted a rematch

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@RandomMrdan not true there are lots of times ive schooled you as well.

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@LKidKyle1985 name an RTS that you’ve consistently beat me in.

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