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Is there a way to speed up the process in Mafia Wars on Facebook?

Asked by mathwhiz1 (264points) November 19th, 2009

I am totally addicted to Mafia Wars, but I am finding out that it is taking a long time to make any significant progress in the game. The thing that’s slowing me down the most is that my energy only gets upgraded by 1 every 3 minutes, since I am doing the more advanced jobs. Some jobs require 60 energy every time I do them. Is there a way to speed up the energy process? If not, what minimum total energy amount do I need to get to in order for me to constantly be doing those high end jobs in New York and for my energy to be constantly replenishing itself every time I reach a new level?

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All you want to do is level? First, choose the maniac class. Whenever you have skill points, put them into energy. Join a facebook group to add people to your mafia. When you get over 200 people or so, you’ll be getting an energy pack every day from someone.

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To speed up how fast you get energy, finish Boss level. You get a Golden Throne that gives you two energy at a time instead of one. If you have finished Consigliere, you ought to have a 30-second reduction in your energy regen-time already.

Level up faster – you get a refill when you level up.

Wait until your energy is empty (and you have lots of room left before you level up) to use your daily energy pack. That way you don’t waste as much of it.

Get experience by ways other than just jobs – help on other peoples’ jobs, fight, ask for help on the biggest job possible for the biggest experience payout. You also get exp from helping in wars and “laundering money” (lately). More leveling up = more energy to level up with. Skill points = more potential energy.

Then, there’s also the “pay Zynga money for Godfather points” method. That’s up to you.

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Stop playing the game and you won’t have to worry about leveling.

This game is a time black hole. Try doing something more constructive like reading a book.

I was an avid WoW player and I recognize the pattern here.

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