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How far from Vancouver is Whistler mountain?

Asked by gabepalo (2points) February 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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72 miles or 115 kilometres. But it takes about 2 hours by car.

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It takes a good 2 hours! Depending on road conditions and traffic. You have to start somewhere. The road the Whistler begins in North Vancouver. Thats about 1/2 hour away from ‘downtown’ Vancouver. Then the Vancouver airport is 1/2 hour or 45 minutes from downtown.

Consider taking the train. I have driven, flown and taken the train and the railroad way was by far the easiest. The departing station is in N. Van and other end is right at Whistler/Blackcomb ski area.

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My daughter drives every week from W 2nd Ave (downtown Vanc.) to Whistler, and now that she has snow tires, it takes only two hours plus.

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go Vancouver! Winter Olympics in 2010. best city in canada.

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