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Could I please get suggestions for a classy fine art gallery domain name?

Asked by Dog (24698points) November 19th, 2009

What I am seeking is a domain name to use for a fine art gallery site.

I am building an on-line fine art gallery for a friend where a portion of the proceeds from gallery sales will be donated to animal charities. This friend already has a main web site that completely explains their mission but this will be a classy addition that will feature the museum and gallery quality work.

As with all domains the shorter the better.
No _ – or numbers.

The name does not necessarily have to be animal-related but if there is a way to name the gallery something clever that in another language has animal meaning or ??

Any suggestions welcomed!

I have been wracking my brain for hours and have absolutely nothing. I was even trying to find out if there was a special name for animal heaven in another culture without success. Help!

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Well, the biggest factor is really going to be: is it open.

We spent six months trying domains before we came up with Fluther.

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@andrew True. Believe me I have been hammering away at domain searches all day.

That is why I was hoping to get as much input at possible to try out.
I have never been so stumped before on a Domain. Usually I can find a good one with patience. * sigh *

It would be awesome to have it be something like “” or the like but I am clueless. I also was wondering about a French name but would hate to name it something offensive by accident. :)

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La Maison Animaux Roughly translates to House Animal in French. Not terribly short, though.

Refuge d’animaux or refuge animalier = Animal shelter in French, so maybe something like ArtRefuge would work.

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The Promise Gallery, The Ark, Prism.

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Great ideas everyone!!!

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