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can you freeze grilled cheese sandwiches?

Asked by nomtastic (931points) December 27th, 2006
i have a bunch of bread about to go stale, and i was thinking i could make a ton of grilled cheese and freeze them, then pop 'em out and heat 'em up. does this work with *real* ingredients or does the supermarket version only work b/c they use processed cheese?
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I would make them w/o grilling them, freeze them, and grill whenever needed.
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interesting. would the cheese freeze ok?
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yes, many cheeses can freeze well. Fontina, for example. You can also just freeze the bread, then toast to reheat and make the sandwhiches as needed.
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this is a rad question... is there a reason you don't just freeze the bread and then make grilled cheese later? btw- soymilk cannot be frozen, I tried it - unsucessfully- a few times...
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bread has now been sliced and frozen. will make sandwiches later.
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an advantage of freezing the bread is that is makes speading the butter (or buttery spread of your choice) easier to spread on to the bread for better grilling. This also works for PB
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Bread freezes pretty well, but I don’t know about cooked grilled cheese sandwiches. There are some pretty cool old-fashioned recipes for stale bread, like stale bread and tomato salad.
The reason it works is that new bread turns mushy when you add the tomatoes and oil and vinegar dressing. Bread that is slightly stale gives this dish better texture.

You can also make soup, bread pudding or homemade croutons. (To make croutons, toss them in a bowl with spices and olive oil, then bake until crispy. They are sooo good.) You can also bake this bread a little and use it as a basis for bruschetta. It all depends if you have really good bread vs. like stale wonderbread or something.

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yes you can i do it all the time just dont freeze them more than a month :P

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No because when you take them out, and heat it back up again, they taste disguisting. Also, why wouldn’t you want a warm, grilled cheese sandwich. Trust me, i’ve asked, done, and tasted before. Wasn’t a good situation.

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