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Why do I have to dust so often?

Asked by ubersiren (15180points) November 20th, 2009

As soon as I dust, I turn around and there’s a layer of dust on the piano again. If I kept my house looking newly dusted, I’d have to do it every single day. Could there be one place it’s coming from that I’m not aware of?

My husband regularly changes the air filter. I also vacuum regularly; about three times a week. Is this normal? We have one cat and a toddler (those filthy beasts!).

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Check your windows and around your baseboards for drafts. Also, getting your airducts cleaned can help.

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Do you live near a busy street?

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We don’t live near a busy street, but our windows are old and drafty. I wonder if that’s it.

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Good chance. And you would probably save buckets on heating and AC if you get them fixed up.

I would contact your local utility company and see if they offer any help with weatherproofing. My sister and her husband got new windows on the cheap. And he makes 60K per year.

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Also, depending on the time of year, your A/C & your furnace will create dust. ESPECIALLY the furnace. Check your filters once a month.

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I recently got new carpet and the dust keeps piling!

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The majority of dust is dried skin. It is getting cold now in the northern hemisphere and if you have your heater on already there is going to be a lot of dust, because you are dryer and shedding more. When I lived in FL, humid there, I dusted so much less than living in TN. Also, when you dust use one of those dusting sprays so you capture the dust in the cloth and you don’t just fly the dust around back into the air. Here is the wikipedia if you are interested

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Dusting… that’s a good idea! I’ll have to do that. :)

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@JLeslie That makes sense. I knew it was mostly dead skin, but it didn’t cross my mind to correlate it with the cooler weather. Good call!

I use Pledge or Swiffer spray.

I wish we could afford new windows. This year’s big project was a new kitchen, so maybe next year :/

Very good suggestions!

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Maybe you should moisturize more? LOL.

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When you have the bucks you can also get an electrostatic filter system added on to your heating/cooling system. It will vaporize most of the dust and catch the rest. It is recommended for folks who have allergies. My parents had one in their previous house, and I looked into getting one in mine – at the time it ran about $600 but I would guess they cost more now.

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Hahaha, @JLeslie!

Why does everything cost money? :(

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@ubersiren – Because that is the way of the world.

“There ain’t no free lunch.”

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I can’t add much to what’s already been said but wood/laminate floors make a difference too, especially if you’re used to carpet everywhere. Carpets trap all of that dust whereas it just drifts along the wooden floors and onto your surfaces.

Definitely try and get your windows sorted, it’ll make a huge difference

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Are there menacing tri-pods vaporizing fleeing civilians in your house?

War of the Worlds reference anyone?

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Somehow eHow has left menacing tri-pods out of the equation.

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Have you changed your HVAC filter? With pets and one large room of carpet which we will get rid of soon I hope we change the filter every 3 weeks. It cuts down on dust.

Also, if your carpet is older, as the pad breaks down there will be more dust.

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Do you live near farm fields and how do you heat your home. I live near farm fields even a quarter mile away can create havoc in dust and respiratory problems. Its amazing how much crap gets in the air when fields are being harvested-especially when it is dry out.
It can be miles away and still impact air quality under certain conditions.
For some reason I don’t understand, propane heating is dirtier or dustier than natural gas heat.

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I had new silicone put in around my windows and that seemed to help tho I am a lousy housekeeper

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