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Why fluther has only 146 fans on facebook?

Asked by flameboi (7544points) November 20th, 2009

Yes, I’m complaining! Even Elizabeth Lambert has more coverage!!!

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I just joined the “group” fluther users. Is there a separate fan club I am supposed to be in?

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Some jellies may not know about it. Or, perhaps, jellies don’t want their Facebook friends/family knowing about their business on Fluther.

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I will have nothing to do with facebook

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I don’t use Facebook, simple as that.

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We’re still a relatively small community compared to Facebook.
Also, not everyone on Fluther uses Facebook.

My Fluther activity is exclusively limited to Fluther.

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I just found out about it recently and became a fan, so I would agree that some jellies probably just don’t know about it.

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How many jellies are there on fluther?

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because it only has 146 fans.

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Because the CIA abducted the rest.

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I, too, would rather keep what I say here off of FB. You just never know…..

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10 posts and nobody’s posted a link or answered what for me is an obvious burning question (who the hell is Elizabeth Lambert?)

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(okay, just googled Lambert. Ouch!)

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<<<Hates Facebook.

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I don’t know. I just became a fan though

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