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What typeface is this?

Asked by mark (225points) February 15th, 2008

I’m trying to figure out what typeface is pictured here:
It’s “like” a lot of things, but I can’t find that “R” anywhere (it’s always possible it just went by the wayside, but it seems so familiar).

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Have you tried Identifont’s identify by appearance tool? I found that works pretty well.

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@ben – Yep, the tricky part is I only have 4 characters to go by. That “R” is pretty distinct though, with those squat little legs.

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Usually I try Identifont, or, If I have a big picture, WhatTheFont. Neither of those work, though, so I’d suggest posting in the WhatTheFont forums.

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Look at the Hoefler foundry’s catalog – they have preserved many vintage typefaces.

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If Typophile boards can’t determine it, maybe you are on to something. I went through my fave vintage sanserifs and can’t find a real match either. It’s that “squatty” uppercase R that seems to be the thing that defines your font and I can’t seem to match it either. If you do design it, let us know! Would love to know.

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one of these maybe:

WhoopAss, Franklin Gothic Heavy, Garaje 53 Unicase

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