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How thankful are you to fluther ?

Asked by sumitnxt (108points) November 21st, 2009

fluther has made my life much more easier.. i can never thank enough.. what about you ?

Once again thanks to everybody here at fluther .. love ya guys

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It’s pretty neat.
Your questions will always be answered if they can be; I don’t think there’s even one thread here that never got a single reply. It’s also nice to be able to help other people out, and it’s fun to engage in the discussions that arise.

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You have overlooked the poor orphans, still looking for good homes.

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I just noticed the new sections!
Fluther has helped me with a few problems, and it’s pretty nice to have people who want to help and actually know what they are talking about.

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@gailcalled Not correcting OP’s grammar? It’s a shandeh!

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(Ya got me. I did it on a PM because I think English is his second language and therefore more-than-acceptable.)

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I like it here and it is nice to be able to throw a question out to the universe and have opinions in a few seconds. I think I will go right now ask a question that I am sure I will be thankful for. I need a recipe for thanksgiving rolls and I know someone will have the perfect answer. Those are the questions I can use the word, “thankful” on.

I get in trouble for spending to much time here. My husband gets so mad at me for my fluther obsession that “thankful” just doesn’t seem like an appropriate word.

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Today I am very thankful. Fluther is keeping me occupied and soothing my pain. My fluther family is supporting me as if they really knew me—whatever that means.

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it’s a beautiful thing
thank you Fluther
specially those that are in mine x

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I love it here. It was a safe place to fall after Askville went to hell. I’ve met so many people on here who I consider personal friends now. I would miss it bad it if ever went away.

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Ah, you’re a refugee too? :D

I’m not from Askville, but otherwise in the same situation. Me and some eleven other jellies have migrated here after our home planet Airow was bought by an evil corporation who took it off-line indefinitely*.

* They promised summer 2009, but it’s autumn now and it’s still dead.

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@Fyrius Yes. When AV got so ridiculous that I couldn’t stand it anymore, a lot of my friends there came over here & I followed. Sure am glad I did.

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no sorry

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It’s an amazing virtual community. I’ve never actually met anyone from here, but I’ve still gotten a lot of comfort and support here. Perhaps best of all, I have a lot of virtual friends. I turn to them fairly often in my times of need.

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@daloon I know the feeling. :D

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Since I’m kind of resticted in activity, it’s a happy meeting for me. Have to check everyday and see what’s up.

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@tinyfaery Lots of love coming your way.

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When I entered the Ellis Island Castle Fluther Garden Immigration Depot on March 24th, 2009 I was amazed by the warm welcome.

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@mattbrowne I was never welcomed to Fluther. I just snuck in.

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@rangerr – I’m told sneaking into Texas isn’t so hard. As long as people carry plenty of water. I’m Fluther gave you citizenship and a passport as long as you pay your lurve tax and stick to the guidelines.

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