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When you see yourself in movies, or you relate yourself in movies, what does that mean?

Asked by f4a (601points) November 21st, 2009

trying to figure out a person’s behavior.
I think psychiatrist or psychologist can answer this.
The question, whether you always relate yourself with movies, or do you always see yourself in movies/or character in the movie was asked in a test (job entrance exam). Can anyone tell what it means?

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they want to know if you’re normal.

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whats the normal answer to that? relating yourself or not?

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Did they ask you if your TV gave you instructions that you were compelled to follow?

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which one did you pick, fish?

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@pdworkin gosh thats scary. I don’t think they asked that. My answer to that will be no

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@ninjacolin my answer is yes. I relate to movies. I don’t know what it means. I’m only guessing if thats their way of seeing if which side of the brain you are using. Are you more inclined to arts or are you more into computation etc. I want to know what psychiatrist has to say about it.

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I think it’s an interesting question. I don’t know what the “right” answer is. I think either can be argued to be positive but the wording “always” always makes me think twice.

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I think they are asking if you relate with the characters. If you sympathize with them, if you have empathy. If you are applying for a correctional officer job they probably would not like an affirmative answer. if you are applying for a health care job they might want you to answer that you do.

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it’s the recognition of the fact that we are all one and have similar characteristics
if we’re open enough we can see ourselves in practically everybody…give or take a few extremists

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oooh, i don’t think you’re getting the job, fish.

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Judi nailed it. The more you see yourself in movies or imagine yourself as the character, the more you’re going to connect with people, on multiple levels. It’s one indication that you’re understanding and able to empathize. In terms of a job, it would be a good trait to have because people who are able to empathize with other people are more willing to cooperate, and less willing to have altercations.

That’s what I think, anyway.

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lol, i was kidding about not getting the job. :P

DrasticDreamer nailed it. If you fit in with the movies, which represent a sort of “pop” human format (no different than pop music), then you fit in with the majority. It makes you “normal.”

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If I see myself in a movie, it’s because the film I was in has finally gotten out of editing and on the screen. I’m an actress in Indie film

I have no idea what it means in terms of getting a job.

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projection or identification

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It’s called “ideas of reference” and it is a symptom of paranoid delusion and some schizophrenias.

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