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Cardboard box as a carry on?

Asked by lilfoxi (76points) November 21st, 2009

I’m going to be flying for Thanksgiving and would like to avoid paying to check a suitcase to carry 2 days worth of clothes. I have a cardboard box that meets the airlines size requirements for a carry-on, but I am not certain if this is acceptable as “luggage”. Has anyone done this before? Does it need to be sealed, or should it remain easily opened in case it should be searched? thanks!

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Leave it open in case TSA wants to look in it and just carry it on. It won’t be a problem at all. Some of my passengers carry on black garbage bags with their stuff in them. Thanks for flying and try to enjoy the trip!

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I would think it is ok? I carry on Shopping bags and all sorts of things. You can call the airline to double check.

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Just make sure you haven’t stored it near gunpowder or rocket engines. Oh man is that a headache during rapid transfers…

Other than that, it should be fine as long as it’s a very structurally stable, clean box.

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I’ve carried on a cardboard box before, with a very breakable present in it. They were fine with it. I think I was flying American or United.

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We pack paintings and other assorted items in bubblewrap and cardboard and people take them as carry on. If they are too large for overhead, the attendants stow them somewhere. So far no one has had any problems that we are aware of.

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don’t forget, no liquids and no sharps.

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Just remember to peel off the ‘Explosive’ plackard stickers.

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