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Can the religious right practice civil disobedience?

Asked by kevbo (25667points) November 22nd, 2009

Suddenly I feel like we’re entering bizzaro world…

What does Christian conservative civil disobedience look like? Do you rare species of Christian conservative flutherers have a take on this? Has the Obama administration made that many egregious changes already?

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They already do.
There’s a lot of people openly brandishing weapons on the streets touting their 2nd amendment rights.
Many are devout Christians.

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“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

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@ragingloli, that is a sticky wicket.

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just adding my mustard

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Wow. This link on “Render unto Caesar…” makes my head hurt.

A Book by the same title.

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I am a Christian (but not part of the RR), and I have studied the works of Gandhi, so I think I can say it is absolutely possible that the Religious Right can practice Satyagraha. The point is that they won’t.
The Religious Right will end up in a very uncivil demonstration, trying to muscle their way, once again. To practice Civil Disobedience, you have to depend on the good will of your oppressor, and the RR just don’t have that.

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Going through old things I found an old news paper where my father had written a letter to the editor in 1966. On another page was an article that began:

A Baptist congregation fired it’s pastor and two of his assistants Sunday, for advocating opening the Church services to Negros. At the same time, the Church refused admittance to an African Student who had been converted to Christianity by Southern Baptist Missionaries.

Practicing Civil disobedience, for the sake of your faith is nothing new. Sometimes the cause is worthy (Gandhi and Martin Luther King) and sometimes the cause is selfish, like those cited by @jaytkay.
I guess the key word is Civil. I think that these people are so scared and riled up, (ala Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the likes) that they are bound to get violent eventually.

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@Judi, obviously that story is of its time, but that is really weird to think about. Especially the evangelized African student. Again, bizarro world.

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Yes, they can. All efforts must remain peaceful and the constitution must be honor. If some of the movement want to disassemble the secular society and establish a theocracy they must be arrested and tried. What can be done against this? Forming a coalition of people creating a manifesto to promote same-sex marriage and to promote good sex education as a means to reduce abortions.

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Anyone who wants to can practice civil disobedience. Frankly, though, I don’t see what they have to complain about. They’ve already hijacked the health care debate over abortion, they’ve got Prop 8 in California, and they have tax-free evangelical institutions such as Liberty University.

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Their final goal is a theocracy, no doubt.

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I definitely believe that. Especially the Dominionists; they’re quite open about their goals.

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And God blessed [ Adam and Eve ] and God said unto them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” —Genesis 1:28 (KJV)

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