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How do I handle this co worker problem?

Asked by pwyatt (117points) February 16th, 2008

I was awarded a free trip to our comapny’s national convention in two weeks. A coworker just emailed me and ask if he could share a room with me. I REALLY don’t want to and I don’t feel like I should have to since this a reward trip for me. What do I tell him?

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You snore really badly.

You need your privacy.

You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom… a lot.

You can’t fall asleep with another person in the room.

You like to stay up really late or get up really early (whichever is the opposite of his routine).

You’ve already decided to room with another coworker (an arrangement that happens to fall through at the last minute).

You’re bringing your girlfriend/boyfriend/mistress.

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….. your pet python, snow leopard or tarantula, crabs, lice, bedbugs, or slug collection. Or, as Nancy Reagan mentioned, just say “No.” Some people really are nervy.. You can be polite but firm.

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Wow that is insane. And what he is paying his own airfare on his own (right i doubt it)? What about meals? I mean if a manager in the company WANTS him to go they should foot all that including the room. Unless this was your best friend or something. Or this person has the hots for you lol.

A win is a win. Just say you need your peace and quiet and you are a light sleeper. Sharing sucks. When I used to do conferences, I roomed with a girl who stripped off everything and informed me that she always slept in the nude. And that hopefully i have no problem with that (and it would not matter to her if i DID have a problem). Oh the joys of being shy. All while i am trying not to stare at her bush lol. It was beyond weird.

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You prefer to fly solo

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