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Good, free Windows-available PDF reader?

Asked by lrk (757points) November 22nd, 2009

I’m looking for a good, free (as in beer), tabbed, lightweight PDF reader for Windows.

I’ve been using Foxit for a while, but it seems to have some issues with copying text that I cannot deal with (Foxit doesn’t seem to recognize that some files have spaces).

Also! I don’t need a browser plugin.


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PDF-XChange Viewer was the runaway favorite in this online poll:

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I’ve lately started to use Sumatra. Don’t know if it’s tabbed, but it’s faster than both PDF-XChange and FoxIt.

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I’ve been using Sumatra lately, as well. I haven’t used it for anything except reading PDFs, yet, but it’s been working great for me so far. I definitely recommend checking it out.

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Sumatra has a nice, small footprint, but isn’t quite as capable as Foxit. It is quick, though.

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foxit reader

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@drdoombot, @chronohart, @pdworkin – my issue w/Sumatra has been that I can’t smooth-scroll through a page. Is this still the case?

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I use Foxit, but you asked for alternatives.

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@pdworkin Yeah. I love Foxit except for this one particular issue. :/

@jaytkay, @drdoombot PDF-XChange seems capable, but.. particularly ugly :(

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I’ve tried a few and I have to say that Foxit is the best overall.

As for your issues selecting text, bear in mind that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is not easy. Even software that costs enough to make Adobe feel embarassed has issues with it sometimes.

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Free is my favorite word especially when its comes to software, this site is safe and I have been using it for yrs:
Just type what your looking for in the search box and a new page will open. It even has a page for programs just for USB just click the features tab to find it.
this one might work for( PDF-XChange Viewer) but there are many to look at.

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