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What can I make with old bananas (not banana bread)?

Asked by tinyfaery (43855points) November 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

Okay, not me but my wife.

We have 5 old bananas.

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Or banoffie pie
or mash onto a sandwich with peanut butter.

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Smoothies. Fruit, yogurt, milk, juice – whatever looks good, put it in the blender.
Peel and freeze the bananas now, before they get worse.

Here’s what I have for breakfast, measurements are approximate, don’t worry about even getting close
1 Banana
3 Tablespoons plain yogurt
¼ cup orange juice
¼ cup frozen blueberries

Makes about 12 oz

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I slice up my old bananas and freeze them flat in a baggie to use in my smoothies.

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Ice packs. Keep a couple old bananas in the freezer for injuries. They feel much better than real ice packs.

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Next time you make anything brownies or any cake mix. Throw the bananas in.

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I vote smoothies as well…or could you somehow make them into like POPSICLES? Idk how but I love banana popsicles and think that sounds exciting.

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Banana Bread

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Banana pie.

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Old Slippers :-)

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Flaccid dildoes.

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I, too, say smoothies. However, if you have more than you want to turn into smoothies right now, chop them into peeled chunks, put them in plastic bags, and freeze then to use later. I put them into the blender still frozen, which helps the smoothie stay smooth and cold.

But then Cooking Light has twenty different recipes for over-ripe bananas.

I bet you could make a killer Bananas Foster.

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@pdworkin that was the best laugh I had all day!!

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Freeze them. Then they won’t be flacid.

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Banana… toast.

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Pumpkin Bread

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I so miss @dpworkin…out of the blue…reading down…I needed a great laugh.

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banana popsicles

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