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Why are wireless plans so expensive in Canada compared to other countries?

Asked by brettvdb (1192points) November 22nd, 2009

Is it just because there is limited competition in Canada among wireless service providers? Are there laws in place or constraints that effect the price of our wireless in Canada?

I don’t get it!

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Canada is closer to the North Pole.
The technology to make sure the wireless signals don’t interfere with Santa’s signals is expensive. ~

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Beyond Santa, I have often wondered, too.

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it costs more to push the data down the hoser

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I find Canada has cheep plans(better than other countries I’ve seen)

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US adds on tv got us beat!!

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Canada has 33 million people and is rather large. Granted, most people live near the border. Cellular networks are expensive to create. I would consider it a case of Economies of Scale in action.

Europe is very dense and seems to have much more reasonable rate.

Remember that that cell phones need a close tower on the ground to work. This isn’t a few satellites in the sky technology.

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Well they dont have as big of an infrastructure as we do because they dont need it as much. And I wouldn’t call $7 a month for unlimited 3G that can go through 2 levels of underground parking expensive.

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That sounds great. Where are you? I’m paying $42/month-no parkade.

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When ever I pop into Vancouver I use a LG rumor on Virgin mobile. Oh and It turns out that it’s been changed to $10 a month and it doesnt do streaming. I think it’s 3G because the 3G indicator turns on whenever I use the Internet.

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