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What song would you want played at your funeral?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6589points) November 22nd, 2009

I guess my original question was too plain for fluther guidelines. So, what song would you want to be played at your funeral and WHY. Are there any that make you want to throw yourself off a bridge or into a moving vehicle? I would like to know for my grandfathers funeral.

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“Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen.

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I have an entire CD of congs I’d like played. This one is definite, and this one, and this one. (my favorite part starts in around 2:15) There are many more, but this will give you an idea of the sorts of music that speak to me.

Oh and this one too. They have to be played much louder than most funeral homes would allow; in fact, loud enough to wake the dead would be just about right. }:^)

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Seriously, “Kite” by U2

or “Ill be There” by The Escape Club

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carol of the bells – trans siberian orchestra

followed by: air force ones – nelly

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@deni Anything by TSO is pretty damned good, those guys are great in concert. Maybe I should add this as well.

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Considering that I’m planning to donate my body to a medical school, I doubt I’ll have very much say in what gets played at the funeral. It’s sort of a “mass funeral” at the end for all the cadavers and then they get buried or cremated. I want to be cremated.

While I won’t get to have certain songs played, the funeral costs are free. Funerals are expensive and I wouldn’t want family to deal with that.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra FUCK YEAH WIZARDS IN WINTER AAAAAAAAAAH. But yeah, agreed, I finally got to see them in…2007? It was amaaaaaazzzzzzing.

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I’m not sure what song I would want played, but I know I don’t want any songs that my friends or family would hear a lot outside of the funeral.
My friend’s funeral played the song Forever Young, and it’s on the radio quite often.
A lot of us cry every time we hear it.
I don’t want that to happen.

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I’ve thought about this since I was 12 and it has’t changed since then. I Shall Not Walk Alone Ben Harper. Such a beautiful song it brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear it.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra I am not diggin the classical music but I like the enigma song a lot,

@deni The air force ones song would be banging

@MrBr00ks both songs are great

and i can’t keep up with the people posting lol but both good ranger and sjmc thanks! keep them coming

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That’s a good one. :D sounds appropriate.
I’ve always wanted to give my body to science. The free funeral is just another incentive.
I mean, hey, I’m already dead…and the future doctors need bodies to learn from.

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@LKidKyle1985 I’m sorry about your grandfather my thoughts are with you and your family.

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@LKidKyle1985 Agreed, sorry to hear about gramps :(

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Die Ärzte – Stirb Jung

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Thanks everyone, its appreciated very much

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@LKidKyle1985 Lurve for you and to all a goodnight!

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If this song wasn’t played in Old School and made me want to yell your my boy blue I think I would pick this one.

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@Dog and @seekingwolf I suggest you read this book before you donate your body to science, as it seems that ordinary dead bodies don’t always go to where you might expect. It’s a very interesting read, and I highly recommend it.

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interesting…I’ll look into it. Thanks. I want to learn a little more about the whole donation process.
even if my body wasn’t where I said it should be, it wouldn’t make a difference. I’d be dead! :D

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I’ve never thought about my own funeral before. But I tell my husband that when he dies I’m going to have them play Praise You by Fat Boy Slim. The lyrics seem very fitting. When my grandpa died we played Willie Nelson “On The Road Again”. He was a truck driver and loved that song.

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Headshot! by MyChildren MyBride

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Monster mash.

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Lightning Crashes – Live (Thats LIVE the band! Not that I wouldn’t appreciate them turning up in person though)

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While I usually have oddball tastes in such things, here I would go for the traditional, and sentimental stuff.
How Great Thou Art
I’ll be Seeing You In All the Old Familiar Places

And maybe, if I am feeling fun before those last moments, Louis Louis

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@Mat74UK Lurve for Live!

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@mowens i love you

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Bron-Y-Aur Stomp by Led Zeppelin

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Diane Birch – Forgiveness and Carole King Way Over Yonder

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that if my SO outlives me, I want him to play Joplin: Bethena

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I didn’t get back in time to add this one just for fun! My favorite emotion is laughter through tears, so that’s why I would want this one played towards the end of my service. :P

@Psychedelic_Zebra I almost forgot about Enigma.. great choice!

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Into the West sung by Annie Lennox. It’s so sad, but not in a bad way. Makes me tear up everytime I hear it. :)

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@RareDenver I LOVE the Stone Roses!

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Danny Boy by Johnny Cash…...In My Life by the Beatles…...right off the top of my head, and something by the Grateful Dead

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Rain when I Die – Alice in Chains

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Well first I want Chopin’s Funeral march, then halfway, Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up”
That’s right, you just got rickroll’d at my funeral, jerks.

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~ Note to self: Do not attend service for @Mike_Hunt. :)

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We’ll Meet Again by Johnny Cash. It’s in the will already.

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