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Is there a website for editors/editing students to download "raw footage" from tv shows/movies and edit them for practice?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) November 23rd, 2009

If no such site exists, it should. I tried doing a little searching and couldn’t find exactly what I’m looking for. But I’m sure there’s SOMETHING like it online. Just a site to download multiple takes from multiple angles so that editing students can mess around and see what works best and improve skills in dramatic editing. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

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Nope. I mean it can be a good idea for a web site. There might be.

Either they are switched during production for final broadcasting. With isolation (iso) decks on each camera for bad camera shots and pickups.
Or, were shot on film. Meaning each cameras film reel had to be edited together to produce a final program.

In either case that is a massive amount of media to put on storage for individuals to play with, including the time to find and pull the footage.

Also shows are blocked out in advance, there are no other angles for the most part to go to. The camera men follow a shot sheet. They set up for their next shot, right after their shot is taken. They are not pulling random shots hoping the director will go to them. So your end product would end up looking pretty much like the final product that was aired.

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If you’re speaking of Apple Final Cut Studio, there is tutorial media in the Apple Pro Training Series by Peachpit Press. There is a chapter on multi-clip editing in there.

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You won’t get raw footage, the broadcasting companies hold the rights to it and wouldn’t dare spill it. However, if getting tv to edit on your of pc is the main issue then look up a “tv tuner” on google. All you do is plug in USB and into cable then use your pc as a dvr/editor!

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Not that I know of. My editing professor in film school had worked on an episode of Law & Order:SVU, so somehow she had the original footage from it and we used it in class to work on our editing skills. It was amazingly helpful.

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@rockstargrrrlie my professor shoots law and order SVU. lol angelo digiacomo. he showed us some clips as well, and a video of the whole cast and crew starting a scene and reaching into a closet and pulling out a bday cake and all start singing happy birthday to him on his bday. lol it was hilarious. thanks anyway man

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I don’t know if you can find it online (I’ve been looking too), however I do know that it’s entirely possible to buy that kind of footage. My film professor got some pre-edit footage of episodes Buffy, Power Rangers, Dallas, and one other show I can’t remember the name of, for us to edit in class from a friend of his who had bought it from somewhere legit. As far as legality goes, you can play with the footage all you like, but you don’t have any distribution rights – it can only be for private usage and, most likely, for a portfolio piece.

I’ll ask him where it was bought from when school starts up again – if I get a useful answer I’ll let you know.

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A little more research and I finally found the technical term for “raw footage,” which made it easier to find the answer to our question. What we’re looking for are called “dailies” – so called because it’s the most usable footage from one day of shooting. Generally, after a period of time dailies are destroyed, but sometimes someone is able to save a few. If you live in hollywood, you might find them hiding out in used video stores or estate sales, but otherwise your best bet is to look on e-bay. (When I looked a few minutes ago there was a VHS from an episode of NYPD Blue and dvds from two episodes of Buffy) They’re uncommon and certainly aren’t free, but that’s how you can get them. Cost depends on the popularity of the show, of course.

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