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What Would The Army Do If UFO'S Really Came To Earth?

Asked by anon30 (334points) November 23rd, 2009

Well, in my opinion, i think they have already. just the government hid it from us.

but what if UFO’S just flew over us, and landed in the middle of the city. and came out. what would everybody think? or would do?
you think the army, etc would shoot and ask questions later. or… well what is your opinion on this?

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Helplessly fire ever weapon we have at them.

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^ what if they was friendly?

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@NewZen haha i love that video

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If we did find out they were friendly we would probably be stupid and enslave them. Then they would have a civil rights movement of their own, a president would get assassinated, and then we would get along in the end.

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@J0E That’s assuming they don’t have advanced technology beyond our imagination.

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I actually think we would wait for them to make the first move as we would be too scared.

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@J0E Your most likely right. we strive to search for UFO’S. but do we even think what we gonna do if we do come across them? i imagine hundreds of reporters, and scientist. and the army capturing them, and conducting experiments on them

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UFO’s already appear on Earth (or at least, in Earth’s skies). Dozens are sighted daily. Sometimes military forces investigate or take some kind of action, sometimes not.

… Or was your question really “What Would The Army Do If Alien Spacecraft Really Came to Earth?”

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Area-51 is hiding it from us.

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@derekfnord I think you know what @BlockStar22 means, but good point.

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@NewZen Imagine my disappointment following your link expecting Space Invaders, but getting Will Smith instead :p

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@BlockStar22 I tend not to take a documentary seriously if the narrator tries to make it sound like a 50 minute long movie trailer.

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but when you start to watch it your eyes get stuck on it. and its like 20 mins

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lie, shoot, steal their space cash and get us banned from the Intergalactic Federation of Planets.

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I just hope I can get my Zaphod extra head before they destroy the aliens. I’ve got plans.

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@BlockStar22 Actually, it’s 44 minutes in total (you must still be adapting to human standard time). Welcome to earth! Maybe we should ask you how you made it past our defenses :p

Since this is my third reply, maybe I should try to take the question serious and answer it. I don’t think the army would be in any position to do anything. Not because of technical underdevelopment, but rather because the aliens probably won’t land right on top of the White House (like every movie, including Independence Day, maybe Will Smith should be our defense). They are far more likely to land in the Sahara, ocean, or maybe a pasture with a farmer gazing at them.

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In a way, the U.S. military has already answered this question. Project Blue Book, the much vaunted study of U.F.O.‘s, was a very serious study to determine whether U.F.O.‘s were a threat to the security of the United States of America.

No organization does a study to determine whether something that does not exist is a threat. If there were any questions, the U.S. Air Force would have made Project Blue Book a study as to whether U.F.O.‘s actually existed. All of the participants in Project Blue Book were convinced that U.F.O.‘s existed. Some even freely admitted they had seen U.F.O.‘s. It is therefore obvious that the military considers U.F.O.‘s to exist and to be real. The study was to determine whether U.F.O.‘s were a threat.

The conclusion, and the reason why Project Blue Book was closed, was that U.F.O.‘s were deemed to not be a threat to the security of the United States. Consequently, no further study was necessary.

The only reason I can think of why this is not well known is that most people would have major conniptions if they realized that the military consider U.F.O.‘s to exist. The military, at least the higher brass and those who participated in Blue Book, needed to know. The rest of us, do not.

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Hide it. I guess that´s what they have been doing so far

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I’m not sure I’d care what the Army did if there were UFO’s about. I’d be more concerned what the scientists were doing. The first thing we’d need is information. What are those objects? What are they made of? What can they do? What is the method of propulsion? What is the method of control? Do they pose any dangers to humankind?

Most likely, any UFO would be something constructed by humans or misconstrued by gullible humans. Any object that was really coming from another solar system would have been noticed long before it arrived at earth. If it was merely a scout ship, then it could hardly do anything to us, but that is unlikely, because of the enormous resources necessary to keep any population alive and reproducing while crossing the depths of interstellar space.

It’ hard to imagine that there would be other intelligent life forms in this solar system that are capable of building space craft. If there were, we would have noticed them as they tested the devices. We’d also pick up their communications traffic.

Nope. There would be a lot of warning if real aliens came to our planet. Years at least. Maybe decades or millenniums. What the army does will be the least of our concerns.

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Maybe, and maybe not. It must be pointed out that the technology we have today is extremely limited in regards to space travel. Based on what we know, yes, it would take years for a spaceship to traverse space. Of course, with the time dialation effect while traveling (read up on Einstein), there may not be much need for reproduction, a person could travel for millenia at close to light speed and only age maybe 30 or so years. And the speeds that such a spacecraft could travel at, even if not light speed, would give us minimal warning time. Maybe hours at most.

Myself, I am not convinced that the last thing has been said about space travel. We are clearly infants in this regard. U.F.O.‘s demonstrate a technology that, if they exist, and Blue Book indicates they do exist, is cleary way superior to our own, maybe in every way. Much of it we could not possibly comprehend with our limited knowledge. Instantaneous travel may be possible, utilizing principles we have no current knowledge of.

If they do come over our capitals and cities with the intent of conquest, there would be nothing we could do to stop them. Case closed.

The fact that they have not indicates that they will not. And that is the only margin we have at this moment.

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They would call the Air Force

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The Day the Earth Stood Still was an Army training film that was released accidentally. If aliens came to help us we would panic then try to destroy them.

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The Army would spend 14 years writing a field manual on how to deal with the aliens and perform PMCS on their spacecraft. If the aliens were friendly.. after a couple of years.. the Army would try to recruit them but… give them only the option of 63B or 88M.

If they were hostile, the army would call the Navy.

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Hopefully the Army would do nothing, and the NASA scientists would handle it all. Seriously, what makes people think extra terrestrial life would be hostile? If they are advanced enough to find our little corner of the universe, they are advanced enough to realise the futility of conflict.

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The army would do nothing. The NASA scientists would rename the UFO into IFO after talking to the aliens. Larry King would try to get an interview with one of them. The mayor of the city would welcome all the tourists spending a lot of money and trying to get a glimpse of the Identified Flying Object.

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Seriously, what makes people think extra terrestrial life would be hostile?

Well, usually people who colonize are out for resources. If there are people there already, that does stop the colonizers.

The first mission is usually a scouting mission. Anyone with technology sophisticated enough might well be able to scout from a distance. We might not even know we’re being scouted.

The next ship would be a colonization ship—containing enough fire power to secure the resources they are looking for. Probably the only way to defend ourselves would be to threaten to nuke everything so they couldn’t have it. Of course, if they came from an environment high in radiation, they’d just laugh at us. Perhaps our best hope would be to negotiate with them to give them some of our land. ‘Course, we all know where that got the Native Americans.

We better hope that the distance barrier and the light speed barrier can not be breached.

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Re my previous answer, we do that to earthly aliens too.

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What makes us think exta terrestrial life would be hostile? Well, I think we are applying our own standards on extra terrestrials. We say they would take over simply because we have a long history of doing just that.

Look at our history, it is to a large degree a history of peoples moving in and taking over lands that belong to others. Even the Americas, and the US in particular (my own country which I do love) was built by us coming in and simply taking over the land owned by the natives. And they are still pissed about that.

The truth is that we do not know what the intention of extra terrestrials are. However, with U.F.O.‘s having been coming for a very long time, maybe millenia, it is obvious that if they had wanted to take over our lands, they would have already done it. So, we can at least rest easier.

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They already have. It was called the The Battle of LA when the US Government fired thousands of rounds at the UFO and there were thousands of witnesses but they just couldn’t hit the object and eventually it flew away.

It was in hundreds of papers the next day with pictures and everything.

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