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Do you feel particularly more creative at a certain time of day?

Asked by nebule (16436points) November 23rd, 2009

I’ve noticed that I tend to be incredibly creative just before I go to sleep and through noticing this I’ve realised that it’s not just creativity…I seem to be more open-minded, positive, open to new ideas, possibilities for the future… I even tend to have ideas of fantastical proportions and think that they are quite reasonable… particularly when compared to how I feel the following morning…which is quite contrastingly negative and closed and I find myself thinking things like…why on earth did I think that would work???

Having said that I have actually had some of my greatest ideas led in bed that have come into fruition..It’s not just in bed either… it seems the evening is generally a good time and the creativity accelerates closer to sleep time :-/

My mentality seems very different at this time of day (and I must stress here that no alcohol or other ‘drug’ is involved! lol) So I wondered whether anyone else experiences this phenomenon and if there is a scientific explanation for it… or any alternative ideas why this would happen

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It seems like you are a night person. You have more energy at night, so your mind is working harder. I am also a night person and I find myself less stressed and more open-minded during the evening hours as well.

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At night and often really early, like 3 or 4 am. I don’t sleep so well, and in those insomnia moments when I haven’t slept for a day or two, I find that my best poetry comes out then.

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First thing in the morning; after a good night’s sleep, I am cooking with gas. Lots of energy. I generally come up my best ideas around the same time or when I first wake up (still half-asleep).

Now when I’m over-tired or really late at night, I can barely tie my shoes much less come up with a good idea.

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In college I liked to do reading/studying in the morning and artwork in the evening often ‘til 12–1-2am. I seem to have a kind of fluiditiy of thought and focus late at night as long as I am getting enough sleep. I think that the lack of interruptions at that hour had a lot to do with it. Maybe also, we are more inclined to free association at that hour. I seem to have better clarity about my own emotions/motivations at night.

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Same! 12–2AM are my peak hours. I crash at 3:30 PM during the day, and in the morning I’m ridiculously pessimistic.

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at night! that’s when the moon comes out and I go crazy.

not really, but i am more creative at night.

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I’m more productive and creative at night too, mostly because I’ve procrastinated and the assignment is due in the morning and I have to think of SOMETHING, ANYTHING and whatever I come up with in my caffeine-riddled mind generally works :)

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i do have some moods that i get into, like i want to draw or write. i get it alllllll the time. :D

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Between 3 and 5 a.m.

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^ what @NewZen said :)

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@mcbealer Too bad there’re a few time zones between us or we’d be on at the same time a lot.


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@NewZen ~ yeah, I’ve always been a nightperson… have you ever read Sendak’s book In the Night Kitchen?

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In the bathroom, it’s quiet and I have my most intense reflections.

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lol @Garebo I used to have a bit of a joke actually about that…whenever I needed a problem solving…I’d go sit on the loo…. I get good ideas there…very odd indeed

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I have more energy at night and I get restless and feel I should be doing something creative. It drives me a little nuts sometimes, but I guess around 11 or 12am is when I feel more creative.

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Only when I am trying to sleep!!

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I feel I am most creative around midday to evening. I am not really sure why this is, but I think it has something to do with my being the most awake and alert – my ideas are the best and clearest at this time. I also get really creative right before bed-time, but only rarely.

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