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What exactly is a hickey?

Asked by iRemy_y (550points) November 23rd, 2009

My friend cam to school today after spending the day before with his girlfriend. he was acting really weird so i asked why. He showed me his neck and said he got a hickey from his girlfriend. I know what they are i just don’t get why you would do it, or why it’s so embarrassing…

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When you suck really hard on someone’s skin, it can draw a lot of blood near to the surface, causing a bruise-like mark, usually around the neck. Sometimes they’re even mouth-shaped. ;)

It means they were really heavy into the making out. It’s physical evidence of something that’s supposed to be a secret, I guess, but when you get carried away, you might not care during the making. And if your friend is young enough, and his parents not very open-minded, he might get in trouble like I did.

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haha i don’t think there parents are a problem at all =P I knew what they were i just didn’t get why—in school—he was ashamed of it.

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It’s a bruise. A bruise you get from someone sucking really hard, but a bruise none-the-less. I find it is generally slightly more embarrassing to have a bruise naturally and have everyone assume it is a hickey.

It’s embarrassing in many ways because it tells everyone something that we generally prefer to keep private—ie, I was making out with someone recently.

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@EmpressPixie Yeah that’s why i don’t get why he got one… he gave her one too but his was viscous

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I never saw the point in hickeying.

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Sounds like Girlfriend was sucking pretty hard. Maybe she was carried away – or maybe she was “marking” him for her own, like a dog pees on a tree. Who else is going to go out with a guy with a fresh, livid hickey?

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Just wear a turtle-neck the next day. I actually knew a guy who did that.

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Well, it’s a love mark.

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In my hometown it is not embarrassing at all. In fact it is a status symbol. Not that I agree with this mind you but it’s true. Now it is also a sign of good humor because when they aren’t used for the status symbol (say on neck and other parts of the body) they are given to each other on the forehead, you know just for humorous kicks.

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The result of what happens when you make out with someone and you get too excited.

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