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What are snowboarders carrying in their backpacks?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) February 16th, 2008

Everytime I’m at a ski resort I see other snowboarders carrying backpacks on the mountain. I can’t imagine any necessities you would need a backpack for at a ski resort.. Is this just a fashion statement or are they carrying a 12 pack? someone fill me in..

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Food and water! Why bother paying those outrageous prices?

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Some of the basics include:

1. Drugs.
2. Cam for capturing sick YouTube vids.
3. Snackage. Only skiers pay $14 for burgers.
4. Extra layers. Only skiers stop at the lodge when it gets “chilly”.
5. Hiking shovel. For building sick ass jumps.
6. Copy of band’s demo. Never know who you’ll meet on the lift.
7. PSP. For killing time in lift line.
8. Pre-made ammo. Snowball fight!!
9. Wrist guards you promised your mom you’d wear at all times after the last accident. Ha.
10. Pillow. Padding for beginners.

Anyone else?

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I’d prob put the pillow in the back of my pants based on the last (and first) time I went snowboard. I ass felt like it was my first day of prison afterwards.

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I bring lots of water, snack bars, vaseline for chapped lips and skin, and a small snowboard tool for fixing up loose screws and whatnot. I also stuff my jacket in there when it gets hot.

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@Spargett…. When and which prison? @mcnitt…Great answer….Actually both of these answers were good…I’ll chuckle all day….

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It isn’t always about what you bring in your pack but about what you plan on putting in your backpack. When I snowboard I bring a backpack so I can shed extra layers of clothing as it gets warm outside.

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Rescue beacon

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There really needs to be some sort of punctuation to denote sarcasm.

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