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What would be some nice, soothing (and distracting!) music to listen to while in labor?

Asked by casheroo (18076points) November 23rd, 2009

I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and the time is coming where I should start preparing to give birth. dammit
Last time, I was quite unprepared to deal with the pain other than screaming for pain meds. I had a long labor (24 hours) so I’m hoping this one is at least a little less. I labored at home with my first for a little over 14 hours, and was too focused on the pain.

This time, I’m getting a birthing ball (basically a giant ball that I’ll bounce on…hoping gravity helps), and listening to an iPod to tune out the rest of the world.

What sort of music would you recommend?

I do not want anything too upbeat, probably no rap, nothing pop-rock.
I’m thinking things like Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Sia….that sort of thing. But, since it’ll be hours..I’ll need some good suggestions!

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you are one week ahead of me!
I don’t have any suggestions but I just wanted to say that, hehe

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My daughter was born in 1990 and I listened to A Circle Is Cast by Libana pretty much all the way through. It’s kind of goddessy – accapella women singing gorgeous harmonies – might not be what you’re looking for, but it was perfect for me. Here and here are links to sites that will let you hear a few samples. My daughter still loves to listen to it.

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James Taylor
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
Enya – if you like that sort of shit
Elton John
Belle and Sebastian

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Anything by John Tesh. I have one of his CDs that’s all movie sound tracks. It’s great.

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Look up ambiance music. Especially electric ambiance, because its relaxing but not too much.

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Check out the Avett Brothers, Joshua Radin, Rosie Thomas, Ray LaMontagne, or Keane. (All suggested by @jeanna)

My suggestion would be Gregorian chanting.

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My mom was in labor with me for 60 hours. 24 is not that bad. Just wanted to say that. Also, check out the Dresden Dolls.

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@holden Childbirth is not a competition.

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@holden 60 hours! Hope it was worth the wait. :-)

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Sade, Bill Withers, Al Jarreau, Paul Simon, Norah Jones, The Righteous Brothers, Natalie Merchant, you know, like that.

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@holden When you are in labor for 24 hours, get back to us and let us know “it’s not that bad”.

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norah jones
good luckkkk!!

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You should totally make a CD mix of your favorite softies! There’s some really tranquil Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, and I second @janbb‘s Belle and Sebastian. I like the song “Dry the Rain” by The Beta Band. It’s a groovy subdued song. This is exciting- thanks for giving me this to think about, @casheroo!

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Music? shit, no music was going to cut it for me…you look great, btw!

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yeah, my comment was a little over the top. Sorry. But, I stand by my musical reccomendation. If you’re into Coldplay and Snow Patrol you might find the Dresden Dolls to your liking.

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I suggest Mogwai.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir lol! Shush! I’m hoping the music will distract me, or at least calm me down a bit. At least I won’t have to hear myself screaming that way haha. and thanks!

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Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Animal Collective, Owl City.

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@smack Animal Collective.

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Try Liquid Mind I love it. It’s very soothing If you like it, here is their website. Notice it’s titled “Musical Healthcare”? Oh, and congratulations on having a baby soon!:D

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The birthing ball sounds interesting. With my first child, I did most of my labor standing up, pushing against the stove, counting, from the start of the contraction to the end. I could have pushed that stove through a brick wall, into the next room.

I would suggest The Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner. It has a hypnotic, determined, rhythmic cadence that would go well with contractions. It’s pretty focusing.

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The Garden State Soundtrack

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Dianne Reeves
James Taylor

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Have you ever considered listening to just the beat,instrumental its self. Thats what I listen to while I do my homework and it’s a better concentration while I’m studying.Something soothing like mother nature of a waterfall or listening to birds chirp.Do you have any music from artists that you like that has a very relaxing beat,instrumental of it?You can listen to those but remember,nothing hardcore or anything because no one would want to listen to that during labor,just make the labor feel even more worse and worrying about it.Also,consider smooth opera? I don’t know if I’m even answering your question too late.P.S. congratulations on having your baby.

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