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Between vizio, apex, dynex, and westinghouse. which is the best option for a tv?

Asked by nimarka1 (942points) November 24th, 2009

i want to buy a new tv this black friday and the best deals are on dynex, apex, vizio, and something called westinghouse. I have never bought one of those brands. which is the best/recommended and which is not?

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This is tricky.

To be honest I get all my stuff from here.

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All of those TVs are very likely made by 1 or 2 companies and then rebranded. Look for high contrast, a 120 or 240Hz refresh rate, 1080p, sufficient and varied inputs and outputs, a good warranty, and the right size for your purpose. Forget the brand names.

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I would also look for LCD, not plasma. Just my personal recommendation.

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We just got a Dynex. No issues at all. Our other LCD flat screen is an Insignia. We tend to stick to off brands, and it’s worked out just fine for us.

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Vizio has gained a substantial market share over the past two years, and Costco (great 3 month return policy IIRC) pimps them heavily, in case you want to follow the crowd.

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We have two Vizio’s that we bought refurbished 2 years ago and love them to death. I work from home and one of them stays on easily 14 hours a day. They are great feature rich sets.

Do be cautious though as they have created some merchant specific models for Walmart, et’al with reduced feature sets in order to reduce the price. Be certain that the model you are buying has the features you want.

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