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Getting freelance writing gigs?

Asked by BenG (41points) November 24th, 2009

First off I have an outdoor hutning and fishing blog and want to take my writing/business to the next level. I would like to keep my focus on the outdoors. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to get some free lance writing gigs?

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The thing is about writing is that there are so many opportunities to show what you can do. This is both a blessing and a bane. A blessing because there are so many outlets and possibilities; a bane because every time you commit something to the written language you are setting yourself up for evaluation.

Take your question, for example. If I read this as an example of the professional quality you have to offer, I wouldn’t touch your services with a ten-foot pole, figuratively speaking. If “taking your writing/business to the next level” means professionalizing and paying attention to the quality you have to offer, my hat’s off to you. If not, well, good luck.

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Take a #.

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I just saw a link to Elance on another thread, and I’ve signed up and bid on a few freelance writer gigs there. also has a lot of writing opportunities for specific niches, so they might have something local about hunting, fishing, etc. Finally, you can always check the job board at ProBlogger for paid blogging positions.

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@Rachelskirts I was going to reccomend Examiner, and saw someone beat me to it. They won’t pay you much at first as more hits will bring more cents, but it’s a great place to start if you want to focus on a specific topic. Keep in mind the more you relate to a certain community the better off you will be A) getting a gig writing for the site and B) gaining followers.

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First off, I wouldn’t give you credit for grammar or typing hutning. If you are going to have a first, it should be followed by a second, at least. So apart from proofreading your work, and following some basic grammar rules, I recommend you begin by contacting the publishers of outdoor recreational material and find out their submission policy for your work, and start sending it out.

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Check a library or bookstore for a copy of Writer’s Market. It’s a catalog of magazines (etc.) that look for freelance writers, what subjects they’re looking for, approximately how much they pay, and other things someone in your position would find helpful.

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