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How do 20Q applications/toys know what I'm thinking?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) November 24th, 2009 from IM

I’ve always wondered that. I mean, there are millions of things out there. How does it always get it right? Or at least, get it close?

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Big brother knows all.

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From Wikipedia: “Mathematically, if each question is structured to eliminate half the objects, 20 questions will allow the questioner to distinguish between 1,048,576 subjects”


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@troubleinharlem This is why you should always wear a tinfoil hat.

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I heard rumors that parts of David Copperfield’s soul has been harnessed in those toys. The cheaper ones are powered by the devil himself.
Dangerous stuff.

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They are SKYNET applications. Use caution.

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@troubleinharlem: Person Place or Thing?

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