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What should I drink while at work?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) November 24th, 2009

I gave up Mountain Dew a while ago and for the most part switched to water. I’m already feeling better, but sometimes I want to drink something with a little more flavor. I love milk, but that doesn’t store well in an office and I can’t leave my desk to refill, and I’m not a fan of tea or coffee. Is there anything you’d recommend I try?

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I keep a large bottle of organic Concord Grape Juice in my fridge. I will add a splash or two and some ice to water to give it a lift.

Or you can throw in a package of lemon/lime Emergen-C.

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Plenty of water or Lipton Ice Tea Lemon, my favourite.

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Vitamin water, fruit juice, hot chocolate?

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You could add the individual crystal light packets to your water. I think Kool-aid makes some as well. They both have aspertaim (sp.) though.

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I am a huge fan of SoBe LifeWater. There are several flavors with zero calories.

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I like boxed or canned juice. Though to save $$ mostly I just drink water.

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Crystal Light Drink Mix

It mixes great with water and is not bad.

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Juice is HIGH on calories, btw. I like G2.

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Aspartame is scary. Lots of sites lists nasty possible side efects.

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Vodka gimlets?
Dry martinis?
Singapore slings?

Or how about herbal teas? I really like Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice.

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Scotch. Neat.

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I kept wanting to say vodka. :D

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@avvooooooo Me too, but it was already taken.

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I always put a slice of lemon, apple, grape, or strawberry in my water for some variety.

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Maybe you just haven’t tried the right tea.

Iced green tea is delicious and light-tasting. Simply put 4 bags of (cheap) green tea in a ½ gallon pitcher with water overnight in the fridge; in the morning, you will have yummy iced green tea.

Or you could try something like mugicha, which is a roasted barley drink mainly drank in Japan. It’s good with some lemon squeezed in.

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There are other concentrated juices that add flavor to water if used in moderation…pomegranate, black cherry, elderberry (no extra sugar or corn syrup added).

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propel is like water is light flavor. its pretty good

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Try everything listed above. No reason to stick to one thing.

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anything which is suitable with your body.

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