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Should I keep them hidden?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) November 24th, 2009

Let us say you’ve been dating a guy for a while, but you’re not “official” yet. He’s invited you over to watch a movie/have dinner/whatever, just a casual time to hang out.

However, sometime during your visit, you happen to see a box of Legos on his desk. They look like they’ve been played with recently and that the guy was in the middle of building something.

What would your reaction be?

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Keep them hidden.

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I will admit…I am 27 and I still like Legos. I mean, I don’t know if I would go out and buy some for myself. But, if my nephew or something had some I would play along…

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cute. i like lego.

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I’d ask if he was building something. If he was, I’d probably ask if I could help. If he wasn’t, I’d probably ask if he wanted to. Legos are fucking awesome.

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And anyway, I would find it way better than seeing a disassembled handgun on the table.

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How old is said guy?
Does said guy live alone?
Are there any kids in his life? [Not necessarily his.. but family/friends]
Does his job have anything to do with building?

There could be a few reasons as to why he has legos.
IMO, I think it’s cute if guys still get in touch with their inner child.. maybe not creepy-doll collectors.. but Legos? hell yeah.

Edit: Are YOU said guy? If so. Are you making one of these?
I’d lurve you forever.

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I am a woman.
I am 37.
I am also a giant nerd who owns Lego.

If he’s looking for someone like me, the Lego are a plus. If he’s looking for someone with good taste, sophistication, ├╝berladyness, and who will want him to put the Lego away for the forseeable future, he should hide the Lego.

Personally, I’m a fan of honesty. I don’t like having to hide who I am in order to impress people. If someone seriously falls for this guy, they’re probably going to have to see the Lego come out of the closet at some point, and it’s better to scare off the Legophobes before it gets too serious.

My reaction? I’d want to play with the Lego. And then with the guy. But that’s just me.

I have now seen the word “Lego” so often that it looks kind of funny.

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‘I wish you’d told me sooner because I’m building this, like, Martian mothership or whatever, and I could really use some help.’


Amazing vid. The clear light pieces for the bullet trails got me excited.

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Beats a bunch of Playboys on the table.

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@rangerr I sort of am. I don’t have any Legos yet but every time I go through Walmart I find myself considering it (Especially the Mindstorms set)

I’m 26 myself, and I figured I might be able to get away with it since I’m in a “creative” profession (and the fact my work desk is covered in weird crap anyway), but I figured I’d ask for men of all generations, creeds and professions.

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I’m not a man, but if you were my SO, I’d be all for it.

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Something like that would be cute in the house of a quirky/ creative indie guy or someone who’s just a free spirit.

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If the legos are left out. We all get to play with them.

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I think it’s official. Anyone who has an issue with Lego is just not cool or worth your time.

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Leave the Legos out. If you having some Legos would be a deal-breaker, then the girl needs to go. Not the Legos. My kids love Legos, which is the perfect excuse for my husband to still play around with them. I can barely build a passable car, but my husband makes all kinds of bizarre things the kids think of, like houses shaped like dinosaurs or replicas of interesting buildings.

Legos are awesome.!!

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I think it’s quite endearing.

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Keep them out in the open! If she doesn’t like your legos, then she’s not the girl for you!

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Cute and endearing.

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legos are a lot better than other things people could be into plus its cool doing and building stuff like that. i would have been wierded out but in a good way i think its cute. i mean he could be into action figures like the guy form 40 year old virgin. or building and painting those little die cast model cars. i rather stick to legos!

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Anyone can like legos at any age. Stuffed shirt to nerd and everything all around, it demonstrates a certain creative turn of mind. It also demonstrates, or potentially demonstrates an ability to think and imagine in three dimensions. That’s a pretty good skill to have, although it’s not good if it’s all the person does.

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Legos are awesome and not to be criticized. Don’t forget… if you get on his bad side he could probably build you a little dungeon with very slippery walls and sharp edges! (although you could probably just punch through it… but still, don’t mess with a lego guy!).

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My SO made me buy him a little lego food cart yesterday. When he got home he insisted we get the legos out of the attic and he is going to start his dream of a lego city sometime in the near future….
I now know what his stocking stuffers are going to be.
Legos are amazing. I think it’s hilarious. (And inventive.)

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My fianc├ę still plays with one of those flying helicopters. I see no issue with a man still having a little kid in him :)

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Hmmm…my above response sounds kinda dirty. Forgive me. I’m overly tired.

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I’m in my 50’s and use legos for problem solving.

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I’d be thrilled. Creativity? Playfulness? Spontaneity? An eye for design and architecture? Awesome.

I used to have a set of Zolo blocks that I kept around the house, unapologetically.

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I’d ask if we could play.


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I’d ask for an ego to lego.

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Ok. Here’s how I see it-

Things to hide when someone you like comes over-
-Dirty Underwear
-Old takeout food
-Dead body
-The cat’s hairball you haven’t had a chance to clean yet

Things to leave out
-Magazines you like
-Movies you enjoy
-A nice light snack, perhaps some wine.

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@gemiwing Really? I leave my dead bodies out.. They add flair.

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There is nothing wrong with Legos. They are the greatest toy of all time and if I wasn’t so rudely forced to give my collection away, I’d still play with them.

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@rangerr but do you dress them up properly? It’s a waste if they’re not proper

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@gemiwing One is holding up the broken leg on my desk, another is holding my jewelry. Both are wearing spiffy tuxes.

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@rangerr Perfect, I see you’re ready for me to stop by then. I’ll bring the cookies

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If you have to hide it from her, she’s not what you’re looking for.

This rule doesn’t always apply immediately (like kinky sex stuff, etc.). Some stuff just requires time to be able to talk about. But in general, legos, movies, etc. Shouldn’t have to hide it.

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Just make sure you do a good job of hiding the hooker torture chamber in your basement… girls don’t like that as much as you would think.

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Of course you shouldn’t keep them hidden. Lego is wonderful. I still have a tiny little promotional set I got free with my video, yep not dvd, it’s a video cassette <feels old> of the animated Mummy series (based on the Brendan Fraser movie) and I love it. So leave them out, if somebody doesn’t like them, show them the door honey, and good riddance, you deserve better. hugs xx

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I would marry you…
Really, I would just join your construction of Legos.
Man! I wish I’d seen this question earlier.

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@cyndihugs you should totally see my lego fort… ;)

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take a picture.

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