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How do I get help with a custody lawyer?

Asked by icyflame (7points) November 24th, 2009

I need help on funding a custody lawyer that would do on contengency or work with me on payments. I already tried legal aid, and they do not have the funds to help me. I even tried to see if a private attorney would work with me, and that didn’t work either. I need one in Texas and I live in Indiana.

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Are you asking about “funding” as in $$ or ‘finding’?

Talk to a lawyer in Indiana who has a reciprical agreement with a Texas lawyer.
Contact the Texas Lawyer referral agency.

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Law firms sometimes do pro bono work, usually so their associates can get experience. However they are less likely to take a custody case if it is one of those where the parties are just trying to beat each other up. Before you proceed with your case, think about if it is about what you want or because you can provide a nicer home. There needs to be a very serious reason to change custody and upset the children’s lives.

If CPS or the legal system is already involved, your legal costs will be minimal. When my Dad was informed that his children were being neglected (neighbors’ complaints) he didn’t even need a lawyer. He had sought legal advice and been told that without concrete evidence (and she had family members who refuted his allegations) he would be seen as seeking revenge and might even affect his visitation.

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The most important issue is to approach the court in the state that granted the existing custody. I lost custody by default when a JAG officer advised me to seek return of my children from a visit, to their mother in Tesax, by approaching a Texas court. This transferred custody from the Kansas Court where I had won. When the Navy canceled my leave at the last moment and I wasn’t able to attend, I lost them.

If you have custody just approach a Federal Marshal. They are empowered to return them. Good Luck!

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