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On Fluther, when it says how many people are observing and composing, does it include you?

Asked by sarah826 (446points) November 24th, 2009

And are the people composing included in the number of observing members?

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Yeah…try what I just did. I gave you a GQ, but it didn’t show a composing member till I started typing….

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And a follow up question, if I may, Jim: how many of us started typing an answer here if only to see if what @Val123 was true?

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LOL! It’s true! It’s true!!

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And yes – it’s true!

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I guess so!

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Heh heh!

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No, people composing are not included in the observing count.

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Because when we’re composing we’re not observing. Can’t observe and compose at the same time. At least I can’t. However, when we stop composing THEN we are included in the observing count. Even if we’ve left the room and aren’t really observing at all.

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Not always… sometimes I feel like I’m decomposing.

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