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Have you ever canceled Thanksgiving?

Asked by Val123 (12734points) November 25th, 2009

I did. I think it was last year. I only have three kids, two girls and a boy (Wouldn’t it be weird to say “I have three kids, two women and one man…? Just an aside.) anyway, last year the girls were being bitchy. “If Jen’s comin’ I’m not comin’!” “If Corrie’s comin’ I’m not comin’!”


The response was, “Whaaaaa??? What??? What??”
You heard me. And I have the powa! And I used it! And, everyone gathered pleasantly and willingly for Christmas dinner four weeks later. :) And I bet it never happens again.

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@Val123: I would’ve cried.

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I tried. It did not work.

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In 2002, I was in the hospital for Thanksgiving. My family was going to cancel dinner, but I was like, “NO. You HAVE to have Thanksgiving dinner. And then bring me some.” And they did. :D

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yes, when my husband got really sick.

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I would love to cancel Thanksgiving this year. I have to go to two dinners because my relatives hate each other too much to gather in one place, and a third with my S.O.‘s family. It just seems like a big hassle.

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But then I never had any thanksgiving or receiving

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No but I’ve rarely been the hostess. I’m really tempted right now though to go on strike.

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@poofandmook As the parent you would have cried? Or as one of the girls.
@ChazMaz Why didn’t it work?

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I think I want to take the “Powa” back. We’re having it at my daughters house this year, Mother in law is here, and two adult children are threatening a blow out. I am threatening a boycott though.

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@Val123: I’ve never been a parent, so one of the girls.

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7 years ago, we tried canceled thanksgiving. My cousin was killed in a car accident two days before, so we did not plan a big meal. Nothing was made. But then someone from church brought over a turkey, the bank teller made potatoes, some of her teachers made side dishes, and five people brought over pie. We had a spontaneous thanksgiving dinner, and even in the sadness, we had to be thankful for all of these people who reached out to my aunt and uncle.

sorry to be such a downer.

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@zephyr826: I don’t think that’s such a downer. It’s lovely to hear about people coming together to take care of people in crappy situations when they aren’t obligated to do so.

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Actually, I have. It was three years ago.
Long story short… I woke up on a Thanksgiving day morning. Around 3am. Sort of a cramp that was just not right. I figured I would go to the hospital. Figured they would give me the ok or give me some meds.

Next thing you know I am being prepped for surgery. My colon ruptured, and that was the end of that Thanksgiving. But all is good as new.

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@ChazMaz Wow. How scary. Glad you’re okay.

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I had surgery I believe the day before Thanksgiving, when my son was only 4 months old. My husband (at the time fiance) had to work, I needed someone home to help me care for my 4 month old…my parents made a small meal, and we had dinner at the dinner table. I appreciate that they did that for me, and gave up seeing other family to help me.

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@poofandmook Well, ya shouldn’t have been such a brat! Would you have learned your lesson? (The girls did….)
@casheroo That is awesome….all you guys, those are some awesome stories.

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My not pregnant daughter is doing Thanksgiving this year. The pregnant one is 1 week over due. The non pregnant daughter is supposed to be in the delivery room with pregnant daughter while I babysit the 4 kids. The non pregnant daughter has specific instructions for me to put thanksgiving together in the event they are not able to show up tomorrow.

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@Judi While watching the four little ones? Good luck!

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I’ve never made a big, stompy declaration of cancellation. I just don’t go.

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@casheroo Ah, she can handle it! (I tell you what though…when you’re out of practice it’s tough! My husband is stuck 200 miles away, his dad is in the hospital and he can’t make it back. :( And I’m watching my two youngest grandkids while my daughter is working AND cooking AND they’re “helping”! I miss Rick so much right now….

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@jbfletcherfan – Thank you. :-)

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@laureth No, man. I’m talking about you’re the one hosting it. You can’t “not go,” because it’s at your house. Yeah, I made a big, stomping declaration that it was canceled for that year, cause that was BS. There aren’t that many of us, and for even one family to miss because of stupid bickering would be pretty devastating all around. It’s not like we have 50 family members, and three wouldn’t be missed. Three would be half the party! But they straightened up and flew right by Christmas.

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Ah, okay. I’ve never had a big enough house to consider hosting. And I’m the only one who talks to all the members of my family – all other 3 of them…

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@laureth Good for you!

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