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What are some odd things you do when you are alone?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21472points) November 25th, 2009

We all do strange things when there are no witnesses around. What is it that you do?

I find that when I am cooking something new, I speak in funny accents to the food. It makes the cooking so much more fun and I tend to enjoy the meal more after. I also used to sing to my dog when my mom wasn’t home. He seemed to particularly enjoy when I sang Motown to him. Naturally, both of these are things I avoid when other people are around.

How about you, collective, how are you weird when you are alone?

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When moving around the house I’ll often mimic the stealth animations of a rogue in WoW.

I haven’t played a rogue in years; but it just looked so badass. D:

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I sing to my dogs… don’t have to be alone, either, as long as anyone present already knows I’m a loony!!

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I talk to myself in spanish. I run around my house when I get excited.

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I randomly say obscene things out loud like I have Tourette’s.

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I will have conversations with my dogs… play guitar and sing to myself… try new recipes…. and masturbate (not at the same time or in that order… hell most not even in the same day).

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I dance with my dog. She puts her paws on my hips and we dance around the house when there is music on.

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I talk to myself, and I talk to my dog.

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Harmonize with the songs on television commercials.

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@sebastian_von_tulu Thank god its not only me!

My favorite thing is to walk around naked I wish I could be naked 24/7 it just feels so right.

Also, I sing, talk to my dog like he is a real person wait I do that even when I’m not alone and dance.

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Apparently everyone loves their dogs a lot. This is great!

@Syger: Haha, awesome. I’ll have to try that sometime.

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I go on Fluther >.>

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@sjmc1989 Maybe it’s Quasi-Tourette’s?
We should form a community

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@sebastian_von_tulu Definitely! You can be the President since you came up with the name. :)

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lol i like all these answers.. I like to walk around naked… but don’t tell anyone k?
and my dog is lazy so ill through him a ball and he will fetch it sometimes.. if he can be bothered to get off his bed.

hungryhungryhortence's avatar

Do housework naked so I don’t get bleach, dust, oil or anything else on clothes. Getting clean afterwards in a clean bathroom feels good.

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I prance around singing The Milkshake Song. Sometimes I randomly shout things out in a made up pseudo-Chinese accent, or I sing The Milkshake Song in a pseudo-Chinese accent..

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Talk to myself, because talking to myself when not alone is creepy.

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Everyone m******bates when alone-no creepy or weird there!!!

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lol, what a great question
that I won’t answer

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Sometimes, I m*****bate with a friend. ;)

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@KatawaGrey I hope that’s not your dog.

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I sing to my music when no one is around. Like I can be really good when I am alone lol.

@KatawaGrey with a friend?! Woah you must be pretty close haha thats a first lol

sebastian_von_tulu's avatar

@Brenna_o I tend to sing while I’m listening to music alone.
It’s the only time people don’t throw shoes at me for it.

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I yell at the computer. “WTF?” is commonly heard by my cats.

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@augustlan here’s hoping your cats can’t spell :)

sebastian_von_tulu's avatar

@Dr_C Who do you think writes all those lolcatz captions?

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hmmm. i talk to myself alot, but i also talk to inanimate objects.. or yell at the tv. i also like to talk like im on a cooking show when im baking alone. i dance naked everywhere in the house(to the point where i wish it was socially acceptable to dance or do anything naked in public), i try crazy outfits on and dance with them in front of the mirror…i can think of a million things. :)

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I practice Chinese out loud when I’m home alone. I’m in my first year of learning it, so it’s always stuff like, “Mr. Li, would you like some tea?” “No thank you, I do not drink tea.”

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i like to pace around…dunno why…keeps me calm

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@hungryhungryhortence – I tried the naked cleaning thing and got cleaning fluids on me! :’-( not good!

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I pretend I’m in a soap opera which is based on my life and set in my home.

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@Courtybean I do that but with a “Ferris Bueller” style movie :) Lurve!

Courtybean's avatar

Hahaha. It’s the best @Dr_C! I guess that’s what happens when you study drama for 22yrs though!

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I just found this and it’s too cute! No answer, I know too many people here now…well, one thing. If it’s been rainy and i can’t run around outside, I run around the house, chasing the dog yelling: “Zuppy! Zuppy! Zuppy! Zuppy!” in a high-pitched squeaky voice… Never in the summer when the windows are open.

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