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Do you have a premium credit card? Is it cool?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) November 25th, 2009 from iPhone

I just got an offer for a Visa Black card, which is only offered to 1% of U.S. residents. It comes with concierge service, an exclusive rewards program and luxury gifts. And it’s made with carbon. The annual fee is only $495.

I know you are dazzled and a little jealous. I’ll wait for you to regain your senses.

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No I don’t.
Credit cards are a great way to find yourself up a certain creek sans paddle.

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You pay $500 per year for your card and you think I’m jealous?

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And the hoi poloi wonder why prices are going up!!!

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Oh, it’s you, kevbo. I thought I smelled sarcasm in this Q.

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Back when I used to have a stellar credit rating a distant memory, I’d get offers for those kinds of cards all the time. I was always shocked by how much they charge for the “privilege” of using their card. I mean, WTF? I got along just fine with my FREE American Express Blue card, but they constantly tried to ‘upgrade’ me to a card I had to pay for. Why on Earth would I want to do that?

Do they honestly think we’re that stupid?

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You know, $495 isn’t bad. Diamonds are made from carbon.

Shit. You know what? I am a little jealous.

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Yes. I have a premium credit card.

I used the concierge stuff for like 3 weeks until I realized it’s faster for me to go to ticketmaster myself than tell someone where to click on the page.

That said, I’ve used my card to get into admirals clubs enough times to pay for the fee. I’ve also used the 90-day return anything you buy on the card if it breaks or is stolen feature. That was worth it too.

But it’s lame.

So lame it’s cool.

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The annual fee for my card is $1,500.00. Since I don’t use the card, I pay an additional inactivity fee of $100.00 per month. It takes a large bite out of my unemployment check, but the look on people’s faces when I flash it while fumbling in my wallet for food stamps is priceless.

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I don’t have a credit card. And that is good. And cool.

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I have a Platinum card. It isn’t particularly cool as it is always at room temperature, which is generally about 78 degrees.

I do pay it off in full each month. Now that is cool.

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@AstroChuck: Is this some sort of Tom Sawyer ploy? Well, I’m not falling for it—being funny is your job. You do it.

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