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Is Cancun really a sex mecca?[sp]?

Asked by faye (17852points) November 25th, 2009

Personal news and tv, always wanted to see chi chanetzen[sp] but don’t wnat a sex city.

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I think it’s only a sex mecca during spring break.

Also, what is Chi Chanetzen? the only google result is for this fluther question.

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I’d suggest Playa del Carmen. It is south of Cancun and not as crowded.

Do you mean Chichen Itza? If you do, Playa del Carmen is a good location if you want to visit.

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Only for people looking for sex.

I went when I was 16 or so and had tonssss of fun. There’s a lot of things to do in Cancun. It’s not all bars and sluts (but there’s that too if that’s what you’re looking for).

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I agree with @jonsblond I have stayed in Cancun and also Playa de Carmen. Quieter and not as crowded there.
Also Tulum is nearby, a very interesting historical site.

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Cancun is too trashy and “American-ized” for my liking. Hitting up Puerto Vallarta in February though and apparently that’s better.

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Cancun is a big tourist place. It’s probably about as sexed up as other tourist vacation places.

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Cancun is Myrtle Beach with an accent – touristy and yucky.

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I had a lot of sex in Cancun. But only with my wife. Still fun though.

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Bangkok is the Sex Mecca. Cancun is the Sex Walgreens.

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my boss was in the army for a long time and he was stationed in S. Korea twice. He would take trips to Thailand every once in a while, on leave and in “official duty.” He always says “Thailand is awesome. Walt Disney and Hugh Hefner got together and made that place.” Haha, what a great visual that is.

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I live in Bangkok and it definitely has its, ahem, “ups and downs”, but Pattaya, almost two hours to the south, is much more of a sex joint. That being said, there are few places where easy sex is as readily available as Bangkok. Perhaps Manila is at the same level.

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@jonsblond yes I mean Chichan Itza, Too many pills!! and too much wine. Thanks

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@garydale You gotta watch out for ladyboys though.

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