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What is your favorite comic strip? Single strip not series.

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) February 18th, 2008

If you could pick only one single comic strip as the best you’ve seen in your lifetime what would it be?

“best” is of course interpretive – insightful, hilarious or even sad.

Mine used to be one of Wattersons very simple C&H strips but was replaced by an stip recently:

Any time I’m having a bad day I call this up and instantly I’m better.

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Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis. Simply hilarious.

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Whoops, sorry, I can’t read. I’ll get back to you on the absolute BEST one. I’m an idiot.

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Great question. I’ve had so many different favorites throughout my life that it almost feels unfair to choose one. Some of the Matt Groening Life in Hell strips are so amazing, and Calvin and Hobbes, etc., etc. But for now, I’m going to refer to this absolutely shocking one from Perry Bible Fellowship which I find people either love or hate. It always makes me feel better when I’m having a bad day too, though maybe that says something weird about me.

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By the way, the title of it is “An End to Gopher Trouble.”

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finkelitis: Damn that gave me the chills, but I see the point.

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I think this would be my favorite..

You have to be a nerd to understand it.

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a note on xkcd strips for anyone not well acquainted with them: keep your mouse on the strip to get a follow up punchline.

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@tekn0lust…Yes, I agree Calvin and Hobbs, I still get the re-runs….
Toothpaste for Dinner might rank up there with “xkcd”...
Take a peek

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Here’s today’s Pearls before Swine. Pretty cute, although not the best: Pearls

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Bloom County. Best of all time.

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my favorite is a .. ok well my dad cut it out for me becuase he knew i would like it but the name of it got cut off. but i play the saxophone in my school band and its a picture of 2 people in their front yard puting like plastic saxophones and a big blow up sax in their front yard and the quote on it says, “It’s really a sad sign of the times that nobody decorates for Saxophone Day anymore.” its not really funny. just the fact that it was about saxophones, but everytime i read it, it still makes me smile :)

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I’d also like to add this one by Roz Chast, called In a Quandary. I saw it a long time ago and thought it was really funny, and it still works for me.

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The Abominable Charles Christopher!!! The art is awesome, the story is a little slow paced but very cool, and the in between strips always get a chuckle out of me. Check it out here

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