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What's the difference between Twilight fans and Star Trek fans?

Asked by J0E (13121points) November 26th, 2009 from iPhone

A young girl lusting over a jailbait punk is the same as some guy who learns an alien language…but probably worse. Actually it’s a lot worse, your watching a girl choose between necrophelia and beastiality.

Obsession is obsession.

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this should be interesting…

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One has decent stories and real acting (excluding shatner), and the other has pedophilia and mid-grade homoeroticism.

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Not really sure. Wasn’t a fan of either one of those.

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@eponymoushipster I asked about the fans.

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@J0E well….exxccuuuuuseeee me.~

i think star trek fans are interested in technology and “what-if” in the sense of what might be possible, whereas twilight fans are interested in artificial, unrealistic romance and homoeroticisim.

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@eponymoushipster When it comes down it, both groups are purely in it for the obsession and fantasy. The original Star Trek was just as much about sex as Twilight is (and there’s 40 years in between those franchises). If I recall correctly Star Trek: Voyager was saved from poor ratings because of the addition of a busty blond robot girl that was not familiar with human emotions (can someone say: sex doll?).

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An obsession is an obsession, but…

I agree. It seems whatever ‘obsession’ girls (and maybe the occasional boy) display for Twilight is largely superficial. All I ever hear people say is “Go Team Jacob!” or “Go Team Edward!” There’s not a whole lot to be passionate about except one hot guy or another.

Conversely some Star Trek fans seem deeply invested in the series (which is much more extensive than either the Twilight books or movies), and there are so many more aspects to it (e.g. languages) that one might pursue or obsess over.

Sorry, I’m also not a fan of either. ._. I think they’re both kind of cheesy – Star Trek in the good way and Twilight in the bad way. So I guess I’m already biased. But it’s an interesting question.

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Because Star Trek fans are, typically, quiet about star trek. I hear people talk about Twilight on the goddamn radio (And it’s not like I listen to “pop” stations, but rather hard rock/metal stations). My own Facebook friends post status updates about it. It’s everywhere.

Star Trek fans are bald and old and don’t know what facebook is okay maybe that was an extreme. But at least Star Trek fans aren’t in my Facebook friend list and aren’t talking about how awesome Kirk is. Obviously Picard is vastly superior.

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Star Trek fans are waaaaay cooler.

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@markyy i dont think she did that much for the ratings, frankly.

@absalom most any tween “phenom” is superficial, because at that age (and sadly, some beyond that age) things are largely superficial. so those who make and promote those movies are playing on that weakness.

but @AstroChuck is right….way cooler.

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Let’s see if Twilight still has a fan base forty years from now.

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@eponymoushipster Are you kidding me? Well you’ll never get an official explanation about that, but she apparently admitted it herself.

Some fans jokingly call Seven “Barbie of Borg” due to the common belief that she was brought on board Voyager mainly to boost ratings among male viewers. And she admitted it freely. Quoting her words : “I knew exactly what I was in for when I had my first costume fitting. Clearly my character was added to the show for sex appeal, which remains the one way to get attention very quickly. I don’t think it’s the only way to get viewers to watch strong women, but it worked. ”. (TV Week magazine (Canada) of May 8–14, 1999 pages 6–7, 9 from “Super Moms”, an interview by Michael Logan)

Anyway I’m starting to sound like a Trekkie or Twilighter(?), but I hate both of them equally :)

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What is the difference? Twilight fans have a chance of having sex in the next 2 years.

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@markyy no, ill admit they did it for that reason, but it didn’t succeed.

@filmfann for a lot of them, only if they have a teacher that’s got a hankering for going to jail.

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Don’t get me started.

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They both need alot of therapy

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@AstroChuck: You forgot that Star Trek fans are sexier. Of course, that might be because most Star Trek fans can legally be considered sexy by other people whereas Twilight fans are mostly jailbait.

Actually, interestingly enough, a very large portion of Twilight fans are middle-aged women, some because of their daughters, some because they just are.

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Star Trek, as cheesy and poorly produced as it was, was a ground breaking leader in television during it’s time. It was a show that attempted to negate the current cold war mind-set, a show that produced the first interracial kiss on television, and a show that looked to the future of the human race. (And I’m actually not fan, but I respect the significance of the history.)

Twilight is a poorly written, awkwardly paced romance novel involving characters that I find pretty unlikeable that has for some reason become a (brief, I hope) cultural phenomenon.

@hiphiphopflipflapflop Makes a very good point – the longevity of the Star Trek franchise is amazing, and I’d be willing to bet a significant amount of money that Twilight will not survive nearly as long.

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It’s definitely easy to say gender is usually the difference but not ALWAYS. Most Twilight fans are female; Star Trek, males.

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I’ve never watched Star Trek before. But I’m I fan of Twilight—the book, I could care less about the movies.

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Star Trek fans have existed for 43 years. Twilight fandom is the latest pop culture fad. It’ll be forgotten inside of a decade.

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@syz , @MrItty and others are all correct. Star Trek, as geeky and dorky as it is, is still a cultural phenomenon. Twilight is, at best, a hiccup following Harry Potter.

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As far as I’m concerned these movies have absolutely nothing in common and neither do the fans. It’s apples and oranges.

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Star Trek fans have commnicators. It makes then quite easy to spot.
Twilight fans have red stuff dripping down the sides of their mouths, making them also easy to spot.

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I have been a Star Trek fan since it first aired. There is a level of optimism for the future expressed by Star Trek and all its variations, including that there will be a future. In fact, some of the items first “invented” on Star Trek now exist for real. Star Trek fans are often bright people, although many are fairly geeky.

OTOH, all I got out of Twilight was that apparently ice cold skin turned the heroine on, and that the fans aren’t bright enough or experienced enough to realize that an icy chest is not really the way to a woman’s heart. Twilight fans are not particularly intellectual although many are quite cute.

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point ears…pointy teeth…

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Twilight fans are in it for the swoony almost-sexy romance with non-threatening boys.

Star Trek fans are… not.

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@ragingloli: Hahaha, excellent. Think there’s one with Buffy in it out there?

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For a certain subset of Trek fandom, it’s all about K/S.

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Never mind. I forgot the new movie where K/S are pretty much boys. :/

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@filmfann LOL for the mention of the untouchable nature of Trekkies.

@all So… Most of you seem to be assuming that the majority of Twilight fans are young kids (jailbait). What you don’t know is that there is a LARGE adult following (not just middle aged). As with all things, there are people who will read the books and watch the movies and go on with their lives… and then there those that consider it the greatest thing on Earth. The same happens with a number of other things with large fan followings. I think we need to go back to the fact that the stereotypes are about the obsessed fans, not just those who like the story.

I happen to own the books. But then, I own a LOT of books. I am fully cognizant of the places where the books are lacking (the writing isn’t great and didn’t improve over the course of the series, the woman does not know how to write a book even if she has good stories to tell… and don’t even get me started on the mythology screw ups.) and roll my eyes frequently, but I do like the story. Its interesting and compelling.

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@KatawaGrey, here’s a tshirt that might appeal to you. :D

Like with Pokemon, I cannot fathom the mindset of Twilight fans. Also like with Pokemon, I cannot wait for the trend to fade.

I would not self-identify as either a Twilight fan or a Star Trek fan, but I would more readily integrate or be friends with a Trekkie than a Twihard (although I have friends who are both). Sci-fi tends to be more intelligent than “fantasy”, I find, at least in popular entertainment.

One of the reasons why I dislike Twilight so much is because of how much SMeyer butchered the vampire mythos. I know many people who feel the same way; I think we also feel that calling SMeyer’s books “fantasy” is far-fetched at best and lends a bad name to the genre.

But the main difference between the two fans is that Twihards tend to advertise their allegiance, whereas many Trekkies (at least, before the movie) were seriously underground. Now, it’s trendy to be a Twihard and have an opinion (Edward or Jacob?). However, if you speak Klingon or wear a brown pinstripe suit with white Chucks and reading glasses, you’re a horrible nerd who will never get laid. <shrugs>

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I don’t think many people would even recognize if you’re “cosplaying” as The Doctor (I hope that’s who you meant, with the brown pinstripe, white Chucks and reading classes). Anyway, Doctor Who fans totally get laid all the time. Like me! Oh. Bad example. Like David Tennant!

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Spock never sparkled during the Pon’far.

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Star Trek had the better acting too.
I have seen a short twilight clip (they were playing baseball) and I swear I have never seen such bad acting before in my entire 9 year life.

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One of the two cathegories is mostly composed by yaoi loving fangirls who can’t tell horse-shit from a plotline, the other by sci-fi nerds (like my high school literature teacher, and me, even though i don’t like star trek in particular).

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This thread is very “engaging.” Make is so.

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@evegrimm, guys in NYC who wear suits with Chucks and specs in NYC are ALWAYS getting laid. No lie, and not because the 10th Doctor is in any way fashionable here, but his style is the pinnacle of well-dressed for any young (or young-ish) hipster dude in Williamsburg, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, the East Village, Astoria, Long Island City and Inwood.

Looking like a younger Mr Tennant / having an Essex accent would be a decided plus. Being in a band as well would be a quintuple plus.

Even Tom Baker’s old look would find favor with the hipster set, especially as most young people don’t know who the 4th Doctor is, either.

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1) Having more or less affinity to science and technology
2) Degree of interest in the ‘what if’ question
3) Dreaming about the future versus dreaming about the past

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I always liked Tom Baker. I have a scarf like his.

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What are Twilight and Star Trek?

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@ratboy You can’t be serious. I can understan not knowing what twliight is, it’s a fad so it’s not mistery how someone could not know about it. But Star Trek? Have you been living under a rock on the flippin’ moon for the last 40 years or so?

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@Thammuz- ratboy make joke.

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“Have you been living under a rock on the flippin’ moon for the last 40 years or so?”

Sometimes I wish I had.

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@AstroChuck: not obvious enough, my joke-meter has been tuned down by years of actual stupidity making it read false positives

@Darwin Same here

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