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Why is marriage still around?

Asked by evil2 (1028points) November 26th, 2009

seems like nobody gets married anymore and if they do it ends in divorce so why bother?

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Because despite your question people do still get married and it does not always end in divorce.

Marriage for the right reasons with the right person can bring a lifetime of awesomeness.

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Because 50% of marriages work.

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Because for the 50% of marriages which do survive, it provides a stable framework in which to raise children.

Legal advantages, financial advantages.

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who would you hate if you didn’t get married?

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Because we need the Mother In Law jokes.

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Love, hope, dreams and tradition. Things change, and are still the same. I will get married one day. Goddammit!

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Because with the right person- it rocks.

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Welcome to @evil2 – great question!

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What makes you think people don’t get married anymore? I’m getting married…And I know a lot of people who are also.

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The “50%” MYTH came from Paul Harvey. Back in the day (I believe in the late 80s but I’m not sure) he misread a census report on his radio show. He then said that half of all marriages end in divorce. This is one of the most widely circulated myths in our society. Whatever the rate is, it is not 50%. This educational moment brought to you by grad school sociology of the family.

There are many people getting married. People do it all the time. However, cohabitation, where people do not enter a legal union but live together and have kids and everything else, is on the rise. Marriage is still around because it is a tradition. People see it as a moral thing, a traditional thing, a way to declare yourself taken… It serves many functions in our society which is why a great many people get married.

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I loved being married. And I think that lots of other people do too. Marriage is still around because the institution of marriage is in our society.

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I know that I wouldn’t want to walk around having different men’s children.

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so accordig to pink if your not married you will sleep around?

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It is just this kind of thinking which leads to divorce.

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@evil2 Sleeping around doesn’t mean automatic children. But yeah, if you want to read that much into it.. sure haha

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