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Why do you think congress is wasting all this time & money on Clemens?

Asked by vanguardian (845points) February 18th, 2008 from iPhone

seriously, I don’t understand it.

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They should waterboard him to find the truth and be done with it.

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They’re making an example out of him.

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I don’t know why the ?!@!! around with baseball, the NFL, Terri Schiavo, and so on, when there are so many vital issues that they haven’t made progress on.

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They need a scapegoat and can’t find any solid evidence on Barry Bonds.

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It’s a convenient distraction from real issues. Congress looks like they are being productive and doing something beneficial for the nation, and nobody’s asking too many questions about budget deficits and fiscal policy, or waterboarding and the death-penalty trials of several Guantanamo Bay prisoners and foreign policy.

Instead, the media are all focused on Roger Clemens’s ass.

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it’s funny that the dems promised all these changes once they controlled congress. They’re all the same in my opinion. It’s all about their pockets. What a shame or should I say sham.

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