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Have you ever disliked a teacher that everybody else loved?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) November 26th, 2009

Just curious. I strongly dislike, maybe I can even use the word “hate” one of my teachers. He is just rude, although I have to admit, he is pretty cool. (I have other reasons as well…)

Have you ever hated a teacher that everybody else loved? How come?

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I hate a teacher that everyone else hates as well, but that’s not the same now, is it?

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@Fred931, lol, not at all..

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No, but I’ve completely adored a teacher everyone else hated.

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Yup. My chemistry teacher in high school also happened to be the school’s football coach. The vast majority of my classmates were his football team. So of course they all loved him. But me being a geek, I actually enjoyed learning, almost none of which happened in that class. I would have far preferred being in the classroom across the hall, with the hard-ass chemistry teacher everyone hated.

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Yeah. I hated my teacher, but everyone loved him. He always called me out, and picked on me.

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Absolutely. My freshman history teacher, who was also one of the football coaches, and who was slimy in a way that I now realize meant that he liked to hit on his female students. I just knew at the time that “Tomcat” Blackwood was not a likeable person. However, in the land where football is king, coaches sit at the right hand of God.

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Ugh, yes. I have a professor for a class that’s supposed to be on the topic of “femme fatale,” but she’s using it as a platform for her feminazi bullshit, and all the gender studies bitches in my class love her and pander to her. I’m totally tired of not being taught what I signed up to learn, however. For example, she has had us read texts about the Salem Witch trials and the Jack the Ripper murders. WHAT IN THE FUCKIN WORLD DO THOSE THINGS HAVE TO DO WITH THE FEMME FATALE?

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I am on Facebook, and recently one of my old classmates posted an obituary for the old school principal, whose name, I swear, was Chuck Schmuck.
Everyone on Facebook who remembered him talked about what a wonderful educator he was. Everyone said wonderful things about him.
I remember him as a lowlife bastard who did everything he could to make my life hell. He was sure I was a bad kid (I wasn’t, but I had a friend who was trouble), and he worked HARD to try and expell me (he failed).
His ashes are being scattered in the ocean. I plan to pee in the ocean next time I am at the beach, and hope it reaches him.

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When I was in grade school I had a teacher everyone just loved but I thought she was mean and fake. She knocked my things over and yelled at me for petty things. Yet everyone loved her. I think it was a favortism thing.

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@HippieGirlie Welcome to fluther. lurve.

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Two. A student teacher in 5th grade and my 8th grade English teacher. I was smart but shy. They made the assumption that I was snotty instead of shy and treated me like that.

The first day I met her I said, “Oh, we had a student teacher when I was at my last school!” Then I walked away because I didn’t know what else to say and got embarrassed. She told our regular teacher that I was pompous and arrogant, who then passed it along to me. I made it all the way home, off the bus, and into my own yard before I started bawling. It was the one and only time my mother ever called the school on my behalf.

The 8th grade teacher was pregnant and “warned” the long-term sub about me before she left on maternity leave. The sub announced this to the class one day when she called on me. I don’t remember the specifics other than half of the class sitting there with their jaws on the floor and me feeling like I wanted to crawl under my desk.

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Not teachers, just people in general. I’ve met quite a few people that everyone loves and I’ve disliked intently. Sometimes I can’t articulate why I don’t like them, it’s just a visceral thing… maybe instinct? Conversely, I’ve had bosses that everyone hated and I loved. Maybe I’m just weird. :P

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My senior English teacher was a total bitch to me and one other girl in our class. It was like she picked us out on the first day to be her punching bags. She blatantly refused to call on us if our hands were raised. She deliberately graded us harder than the rest of the class. I mean, this woman picked our papers apart and did not do the same to the rest of the class. One day, she reprimanded the other girl over an question she asked so badly that the girl ran out of the room crying. The teacher just shrugged her shoulders and went about her business with a smirk on her face.

The other girl and I did not start out as friends; we hadn’t talked much before that year. A few weeks in, we noticed that we were being singled out, and began talking to each other about it after that. So, it wasn’t like we were in cahoots to make a teacher look bad. Also, other classmates noticed. They would say things to us, but not to the teacher or principal because they loved her. She treated each of the rest of them like they were her pets.

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My sophomore American history teacher was one of those guys that you either absolutely loved or absolutely hated. Most of my classmates loved him and I hated him. He was one of those guys who wanted everyone to know how cool he was. He was also pretty racist. Whenever we talked about civil rights, he asked the one black student in our class about the people were talking about. This guy also was the kind of teacher who graded people based on how he liked him. He would talk all through class and give us 20 minutes to do our tests that we needed the whole period to do. He lied about what was on these tests. he gave us quizzes about things he had never spoken of. he once gave us a quiz at the end of class and told us we had to have it in his hands by the end of school because he had talked the whole period!

The last day of school, I walked into my house and my mother had this look on her face. She turned to me and said, “Mr. So-and-so called.” I almost burst into tears. Turns out she was just messing with me because he had called to tell my mother how much he enjoyed having me in class. I got a B in the class even though I failed almost every one of his assignments.

Every once in a while, I have a dream where he’s a mutant cyborg trying to kill me. These dreams are absolutely terrifying.

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Yeah. Because she was a stupid bitch who played favorites… and was horrendous to those she didn’t like. Like the people that pointed out that her test questions and the answers she marked as correct don’t line up with the text we were told the test was going to come from. But she didn’t like me before that, due to the aforementioned stupid bitchiness, I had nothing to lose.

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@augustlan I’m exactly the same way.

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