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Is there any reason why I only get headaches on the right side of my head?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11973points) November 26th, 2009 from iPhone

Ever since I can remember, when I get a headache, it’s always on my right side. I’ve told my doctor and she never commented about it so I assumed it was no big issue. Are you aware of any medical reason this could be happening? Why not the left side or middle?

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Get a new doctor…?

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Some hemispheric headaches can be really terribly painful and debilitating.They are called cluster headaches. You don’t say that your are peculiarly painful, so I would say it fits within the quotidian “tension headache” rubric.

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@cheebdragon I’m working on that. But I’m wondering if anyone can think of a medical reason for this.

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@pdworkin They actually tend to be rather painful. I’ve always assumed they were migraines. I can’t function too well when I have these headaches. They usually last a full day and a half. I was prescribed migraine meds but had a bad reaction to them. So now I suffer. Regular pain relievers do absolutely nothing for the pain.

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I think migraines can be hemispherical too. Maybe it’s time to see a neurologist. You shouldn’t have to suffer.

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I don’t get cluster headaches; I have had migraines but thankfully they are rare & mild. I do, however usually have headaches (including hangovers) on the left side of my head. This is to the point that if I have one on the right side, it bothers me far more even if it’s milder, than having one on the left. I’ve never inquired about it, just accepted it as the norm for me.

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There are different possibilities for the one sidedness, migraine being the most likely.

However, I find it concerning that your doctor has not pursued this any further. Either find a GP who is a better or more tenacious diagnostician or get yourself a Neurologist.

The root cause of the problem needs to be diagnosed accurately first. Then a solution can be found. There are many different medications for migraines (if that’s what it ends up being) so if you get a bad reaction, the doctor can try something else.

Since this is a long standing problem and not just occasional, there is no reason why you should suffer.

When we get right down to it, our health is our own responsibility as well as a doctor. You are the consumer and if your needs are not being met, either continue raising heck until they are or go elsewhere to another source.

I imagine some of this will be determined by what type of medical coverage you have, but just be persistent about it with whomever you are dealing with. You are your own best advocate. You need to be more assertive about it.

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Reading this gives me a headache. :-(

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Exactly as @pdworkin states. See a neurologist, they should be able to diagnose and treat (with meds if nothing else).

Go. Now!

Hope you get better :-)

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