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I have been experiencing pain in my teeth/gums, what could this be?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) November 26th, 2009

The past few nights (possibly? I’m not even sure exactly but I know I have felt this a few times in the past week or so), I have been feeling this pain in my bottom and top back teeth. It’s not like a sensitive pain, it’s just annoying and I guess can just be described as a toothache, but it’s all over & on both sides. What could be causing this? I have never had a cavity (22 years and going strong) or braces, and was at the dentist just about 6 months ago. I don’t have the time or insurance to go to the dentist any time soon… so hopefully this will pass. I am just curious as to whether any of you have had similar experiences.

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Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Could it be them all maybe starting to come in? Other than that I don’t know…I’ve had a lot of mouth problems but it’s usually more concentrated in one or two teeth rather than all over. hm.

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@deni: my wisdom teeth were taking out years ago!! It’s such a strange pain and may be a different type of sensitive than I am used to feeling, but it’s bothersome :( I just want it to go away (so I took some motrin, we’ll see if it works!).

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@Samantha_Rae boo :( tooth aches are the worst…mouth pain in general…i hope it feels better!

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A week in Hawaii for your dentist.

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if you are 22, chances are your wisdom teeth are either erupted already of if they were impacted you would know by now. sounds to me like a mild case of bruxism, or grinding (clenching) when you are sleeping. Oh I just saw you already had your wisdom teeth out- so yeah sounds like bruxism- this can really hit you at certain times in your life-it’s not pathological really and it will probably pass.

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For me, sinus pressure (related to allergies, at least in my case), causes my teeth to ache. It’s seasonal, too—depends on pollen and dust and pollution.

This could be your problem, too.

You might try a sinus rinse (or even a hot shower) to see if it helps your tooth pain. If so, it’s probably congestion/allergies and you might talk to your doctor about taking a daily antihistamine or taking benadryl.

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It could be the beginning of TMJ problems. That stands for Tempero-Mandibular Joint and it can arise from bruxism or any kind of tension being expressed.

If it continues, you really should see a Dentist as the longer it continues the worse it gets as the muscles spasm.

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One thing you can do to test this out is to gently press on the area in front of your ear from top to bottom, basically all along tour jawbone.

If there is soreness or pain there it’s likely TMJ. The absence of pain however does not necessarily mean that you dont have TMJ.

It can be a tricky thing to diagnose.

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Teeth grinding at night? If this is so, they make things you can get that protect your teeth from this. Dentists should be able to tell you if this is happening, and it is worth it to get your teeth checked, in case. You will want your teeth to last a long, long time.

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@AstroChuck That, plus the beginning of a beautiful (and profitable) friendship with the dentist.

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gum disease. Get out the floss and mouthwash. Use Crest Pro Health or Synsodyne. If it’s not better in a month, go to the dentist. he can prescribe a special mouthwash but it stains your teeth, so you may want to get them bleached once you’re all better, or at least polished.

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It could be an infection in one of your roots, which will require a root canal. This happened to me recently, and I had pain on the top and the bottom because the network of nerves in your teeth and face causes sensation from one nerve to overlap. You should see a dentist – try to find one that offers payment plans. Or get a CareCredit card.

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