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I can't find Saucony Jazz Originals in Orange anywhere. Can you?

Asked by testtoast99 (80points) November 27th, 2009

I have a favorite shoe that I wear all day, every day. It is a Saucony Original Jazz (or Low Pro) in all orange, US size 11. I need to replace the ones I currently own but I cannot find orange ones anywhere.

In addition to my deepest gratitude, I will mail a bottle of my winery’s wine to the first person who provides a link to a site that results in me buying a pair of these sneakers. ($100 value) Thanks!

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Maybe they’ve stopped selling them in all orange? They’re not listed on the Saucony website.

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Well, I’ve been looking and could only find them in size 11 women’s grey/orange…but there are some men’s in grey/red. That’s close! I bet they would look snazzy/jazzy on your feet too!

In the meantime, here’s a page full of lots of others, should you not be able to find your beloved orange ones.

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Ebay has several offerings of similar shoes, including Blaze Original in orange and brown size 11.

Ebay also has a variety of size 11 Jazz Originals if you are willing to settle for another color, such as green, black, or charcoal and red.

The eBay also has Saucony Low Pro but again, not in orange.

You might consider setting up a permanent search on eBay for Saucony Orange 11 and see what comes up as folks empty their closets after or during Christmas.

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