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Can you freeze (fresh/ but still packaged) salsa and then eat it?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) December 29th, 2006
I saw nomtastic's question about grilled cheese, then remembered that last night i ate some salsa that i had frozen, the freshy good kind, it hadnt been opened, and it tasted a little weird....what do you think?
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I have noticed that when you freeze watery fruits and vegetables, like apples, tomatoes, peaches, etc. the freeze/thaw action breaks down the cellulose structure of the food and it becomes very mushy and gross. Once, i froze rotten bananas (which make the best banana bread) and when they thawed, they were the consistency of apple sauce.
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there are specific instructions on freezing specific fruits and veggies, salsa is a combo and probably wouldn't taste very good after being frozen and thawed, you could cook with it, add it to soup or stew.
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You can, but it will lose its texture. Too much water content to freeze well. If you wanted to save large quantities of fresh salsa, you'd be better off canning it. . . but almost nobody cans anymore.
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thanks, y'all!

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