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What could this recurring bump in my ear be?

Asked by Facade (22937points) November 27th, 2009

I have this bump thing in my ear. It’s toward the entrance of the ear hole. it makes my whole ear hurt. I’ll pick at it, and eventually get it off. After I remove it, the pain subsides a bit. The bump thing is kind of clear and hard. And it’ll bleed some afterwards. Less than a week later, there’s another one in the exact spot. This has been going on for abut a month now.

Do you know what this is?
I don’t have bug eggs in my ear right? :(

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Real Doctor time, @Facade. Don’t mess around. Shilolo or DR. C will answer you – but have it checked out, dear. Please.


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Could just be a reoccurring zit….

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sounds like a wart or something.

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@Zen_Again I suppose I could have my gyno look at it during my appointment on monday… It might not be there since I just removed it again today.

@Val123 That’s what I was thinking, but it’s to hard to be a zit (I think)

@LKidKyle1985 You can get warts in you ear?

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@LKidKyle1985 But I don’t think a wart would cause the ear to hurt…

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@Val123 Mhm, It stings…

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yeah but maybe if you pick at it? they can be kinda nasty

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@LKidKyle1985 You could be right. I don’t even know I could recognize a wart if I saw one

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hmm I had one on my thumb like 8 years ago. It is like a little bump and if you pick at it, its like it has a root or something. if you don’t pull the whole thing out it just keeps coming back.

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@LKidKyle1985 That’s.. really gross

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yeah, and its in your ear lol ew

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@LKidKyle1985 eww lol. I hope not

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I forgot to mention that my ear is infected (thanks @sebastian_von_tulu ). My cartilage piercing is infected. I didn’t think it was related…

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Ask your piercer about it. S/he should know if it is indeed related.

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@sebastian_von_tulu I actually can’t find them. They’ve moved. Asking a piercer might be just as good huh

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Yeah, do that :)

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I get harmless cysts in my ear lobes. They’re like zits in that you can pop them. When you pop them clear fluid and then eventually blood comes out. Sometimes you don’t have to pop them, they go away on their own. Sometimes they’re close to the surface and easy to get, sometimes they’re not. They all hurt. They recur from time to time.

To me, it sounds an awful lot like what you’ve got going on.

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Whatever it is I would wash it with sea salt and water if I were you. I used it to stop tissue from growing on my outer ear after a piercing. Idk if it will rid you of this weird bump but it’ll keep your ear clean and healthy.

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@avvooooooo It doesn’t look like the remains of a cyst. I was able to get a glimpse in a mirror. The area where it was is kind of raw :\
@sevenfourteen Do you know if salt water gets rid of tissue as well or just inhibits the growth?

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I agree with @Zen_Again and consult a Dr. about it.

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A keloid, maybe? But only a GP would know for sure!

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@aprilsimnel Nah, not a keloid. I know what those look like.

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